Erica Jong is Tired of Pink Men

Feminist Erica Jong has written a piece at the Huffington Post where she tells everyone how tired she is of pink men. The post is nothing more than a series of disjointed phrases that all revolve around Jong’s fatigue related to white guys (she call us pink but we know what she means. Here is part of it:

I am so tired of pink men bombing brown children and rationalizing it as fighting terrorism. I am so tired of pink men telling women (of all colors) what to do with their wombs–which connect with their brains–in case you forgot. I am so tired of pink men telling us we should stay in Iraq for generations. I am so tired of pink men buying bombs and cheating schools. I am so tired of pink men having wives who stand behind them and nod sagely on television. I am so tired of pink men expecting that someone–a brown, black, yellow or white woman–will trail behind them changing light bulbs, taking out garbage, washing laundry, keeping food in the house, taking care of kids of all ages, of parents of all ages. Huffington Post

First things first. Not all of the world’s woes are the fault of the pink guys. There are a lot of brown ones in the Muslim world causing all kinds of problems. There are a bunch of yellow ones in Communist China who are causing problems. The fact is, problems are not related to any one color and if a white guy had said he was tired of black men “this and that” we would have Jackson and Sharpton parading around like George Michael in a gay pride parade.

It is also not factual that men, pink or otherwise, are the reason for all problems. Plenty of women cause problems in this world. Of course the Muslim women do not cause much of it (except when they send their children out with bombs on them) because their men will not let them. Seems a good feminist like Jong would want to take up that cause, but what they hey, she is free. The fact is that all abortions are the result of a woman’s actions. This means, Erica, that the 100 million or so children who have been murdered were murdered by the very mothers you hold in such high regard.

If you want to really get down to it Erica, it was a woman who caused our removal from the Garden of Eden and gave us sin. So the reality is that there are problems that involve all sexes and all colors of people. Now Little Erica might be tired of pink men exclusively but that is because she is a bitter, aging, hippie, feminist who never had love made to her by a real man. When your favorite lover is Mr. “D” cell then you have problems. Couple her penis envy with the years of drug induced euphoria and you have a vicious, man hating, bitch who couldn’t pour water out of a bucket if the directions were written on the bottom.

Though I have to admit, she does seem confused. She says she is tired of pink men but she has been married four times. Three of them were pink and one is half pink but it is safe to say she just gets tired of men. However, she seems to be such a lousy feminist that she keeps finding another to give her guidance. I wonder if she wore white to all her weddings. All good kitchen appliances come in white. Erica, I don’t expect you to be bare foot and pregnant, you should have shoes.

Erica, this pink man wants you to feel like a real woman. But in your case that isn’t going to happen because the only thing woman about you is the other pink and it is probably like a public restroom. Everyone uses it.

This pink man says go take an aeronautical intercourse at a revolving pastry.

Big Dog

NOTE: To the real women out there, none of these comments were directed at you. I hold women in high regard. Those who insist on insulting men or asserting some perceived superiority just need to get knocked down a few pegs. Especially feminist dirt bags who hate pink men.

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6 Responses to “Erica Jong is Tired of Pink Men”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    I thinking Ms Jong hasn’t had any at all. She might want to contact her hero Rosie O for more instructions.

  2. kender says:

    BWAHAHAHAAA….”All good appliances come in white”…..Oh that is comedy.

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  4. Laurie says:

    Wonder who cleaned her house and did all the household duties when she was married…. four times…. Did she hire somebody? Or did she have house husbands who got tired of the job that she implies that women are tired of?

  5. Jack Parker says:


    Your a vile bitch. Why not write that you are sick of black men terrorizing American cities with crime.

  6. Virginia says:

    Erica Jong is a screwball.