Eric Holder Says Voter ID Not Needed…

The left opposes voter ID in any shape or fashion and the only reason is because those who are not supposed to vote traditionally vote Democrat. The left will claim that there are too many people who don’t have IDs but that is a myth. There might be some folks who don’t have IDs but by and large, people have them.

Even the most downtrodden must have an ID to get government services. If this is not the case then we have another real problem where IDs would be beneficial.

Truth is, most people have some sort of ID and those who don’t probably don’t vote anyway. Even if they do, there are programs where they can get an ID (assuming they have never, ever needed one) at no cost.

The issue is that Democrats don’t want to get rid of an entire block of voters, the ones not allowed to vote, because they like to win elections. They must do that before they can run our lives.

James O’Keefe has exposed the reason we need ID to vote. First he went to a state and was issued ballots in the names of other people (including those who are dead) and now he has shoved the issue right down Attorney General Eric Holder’s throat.

O’Keefe has a video of a person requesting Holder’s ballot (he gave Holder’s name and address) and the poll worker tries to give it to him. The person says he does not have ID but is told that he does not need it. He says he wants to show it and leaves (before getting the ballot).

Holder says there is no problem but O’Keefe shows just how easy it is. And let us not be fooled by the rhetoric that IDs won’t solve the problem. This is dispelled by the video.

When he leaves he says “faster than you can say furious” which is absolutely hysterical.

A few take aways from this video. What does it say that these folks did not think it suspicious that someone claiming to be Holder asked for a ballot? Sure, there could be more than one Eric Holder but shouldn’t they verify? Perhaps they do not know who he is, which is a sad statement in and of itself.

Second take away; it is clear that an ID would have prevented this.

Third take away. Note the irony that he needed an ID to get into the Department of Justice to see someone in the building (like Holder) but did not need one to vote (and could have voted in Holder’s name).

Voter ID laws disenfranchise people but only those who are voting illegally…

If those voting illegally voted Republican the Democrats would pass voter ID in a heartbeat.

The DOJ is in full spin mode…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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