Eric Holder And Civil Rights

Valerie Jarrett, the Communist running the White House (and you thought Obama was doing that?), has stated that Eric Holder will keep his job. She said that he is resilient and has the confidence of Barack Obama so these scandals will not force him out.

Jarrett said:

“Eric never loses sight of what he’s there for,” said Jarrett. “He’s there to be the chief lawyer for the United States of America and to make sure that all of our rights are protected, and to defend our country, to make sure that he is an advocate for those whose civil rights have been infringed upon–anyone whose rights have been infringed upon. And there are people all around the country who are counting on him to be the attorney general. And so yes he is resistant, and he is tough, and he is strong, and he is perfectly capable of defending himself, and he is an outstanding attorney general, who enjoys the full confidence of the president of the United States.” Weekly Standard

There is no doubt that Holder knows what he is there for. He is there to exact revenge on Obama’s enemies. He is there to ignore the crimes of minorities and to suppress conservatives. Let us not forget that Jarrett was the one who said that once they won the election (the 2012 election) there would be payback and they would be taking revenge on people.

Holder is part of the team doing that. He is trampling on the First Amendment (and several others for that matter) and he is going after conservatives, period.

If he was truly an advocate for civil rights then he would be balls to the walls to get to the bottom of the IRS scandal. The civil rights of many conservative groups (as well as other groups opposed to Obama) were violated by the IRS. Can anyone show me where Holder has gone after anyone involved? Is Holder seeking indictments of those who broke the law?

Jarrett is right in one respect. There are people around the country who count on him. The Obama Regime is counting on him to continue exacting revenge and those who have been wronged by government are counting on him to uphold the law and punish those who broke it.

Guess which group is getting his attention?

Eric Holder is a racist, partisan hack who cares not about the people who have been harmed if they are people who either do not look like him or hold the same political philosophy as he and his cronies in the Regime. We saw it with the New Black Panther Case and we are seeing it now.

Holder is one of the people involved in the criminal activity. How can he be looking out for our civil rights when he is busy violating them?

I think Jarrett is correct that Holder will not go anywhere. He can’t because there are still a bunch of rights he has not trampled on.

Holder leads the Department of Just-Us and that is why Obama supports him….

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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