Erection Day In New York

The Democrat primary in New York is a few months away at which time New Yorkers will select the next mayor. I know it is a primary but it is highly unlikely a Republican will win the general election so whoever wins the Democrat primary will almost certainly be the mayor.

Though Election Day is several months away erection day has come, ahem, arrived.

Anthony Weiner, the former Congressman who was forced to resign his cushy gig in DC for sending naked pictures of himself to women around the nation, has sent more pictures of his naked, er, member, to another woman.

Weiner has a serious mental issue. He was caught, forced to resign, attended counseling to save his marriage, claimed to have overcome his sexting and has come full scale to being caught again. And he is leading in the polls…

There are two things that amaze me about all of this. It amazes me that New Yorkers are taking this schmuck seriously. He has a chance of winning despite all he has done and how much he has lied about what he has done. He is a creep and a pervert and yet the people of New York have no problem supporting this guy. Hell, he is a one man war on women and the libs all love him.

The second thing that amazes me is that his wife supports him, sticks by his side and still believes in him.

Perhaps I should not be surprised that his wife is by his side. He is her meal ticket back to the limelight. She loves the power (and her motives might be the interests of the Muslim Brotherhood) and she loves the idea of being married to a person on the government dole. Yes, Huma and Anthony Weiner are typical liberal leeches who love to live off the taxpayer and feel they deserve to be in office because they are the only people who can tell everyone else how to live their lives.

Then again, Huma worked for Hillary so she probably got great tips on how to handle a pervert husband.

I do not live in New York (though the Democratic People’s Republik of Maryland [DPRM] is not much better) so if the people of New York City put him in office it is on them and they will have to deal with the stupidity which, considering their affection for nanny Bloomberg, they might actually desire.

In any event, only a liberal could do these things and get away with them with full support of their spouses and the media.

A Republican (or conservative) would be hounded and forced to leave in disgrace with no chance of ever being back in office.

Perversion seems to be a required trait for Democrat advancement.

I might have this all wrong and maybe Weiner did not do anything wrong. Perhaps he was just sending these young women his pole results…

NBC News
New York Post

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9 Responses to “Erection Day In New York”

  1. CoolCat says:

    Clever blog…..well done!

    Ironic that one psychologist said his online behavior indicates low self-esteem; yet his running for Mayor despite being caught (and AGAIN after the first disgraceful revelation) indicates a huge ego!?

  2. Real Deal says:

    Well Owe’Malley is doing his best to destroy MD, and despite (or perhaps because of it) large numbers of college educated residents the people of MD were stupid enough to elect him twice. It’s a small bonus that we haven’t also had to see his Weiner too.

    Also in the news, there is a group in the APA that is pushing for doing for pedophiles what they did for homosexuals int he 1970’s. Declassifying pedophila as a mental disorder and instead classifying it as a sexual orientation, Minor Attracted Individuals. And they said it wasn’t a slippery slope!

    • Vxnschatzee says:

      I have been warning people about this ever since the whole “gay revolution” started. Once the change was made from “sexual preference” to “sexual orientation” (inferring a hard-wired or genetic cause for homosexuality which is, in fact, incorrect), the door was flung wide open for pedophiles to use the same argument. Although these groups want to do more than “decriminalize” or reclassify pedophilia, it is a substantial step up on to that slippery slope if they can get the medical association (and the general public) to believe that this paraphelia is something they have no control over so should not be held against them.

      (Just an FYI – most paraphelias are harmless and legal so I really hate that pedophilia is grouped in with them because it really is a different animal, so to speak.)

  3. Blake says:

    RD- that is not funny- down here in Texas, we kind of beat the crap out of pedophiles, and we sleep real good, after all that exercise, too.

  4. Blake says:

    Just as a side note- how is it even possible to do a blog on “Weiner” without double entendres, intentional or not?