Equal Justice Under The Law

Rapper L’il Kim has entered jail to begin serving her 366 day sentence for lying under oath. Yes, Kim is being put in jail for a year for lying under oath. I realize, after watching the news that there are people willing to excuse this behavior. I heard at least three people say, A year, she only lied. As if this is something that can be dismissed because it is a small matter. I do share half the sentiment. I do not believe she should necessarily have gone to jail for a year. I do think that a big fine and public service would be appropriate. The important thing is that the charges were filed and she was made to answer for her crime. There was one thing that bothered me and that is most people who were lamenting Kim’s sentence said “look at Martha Stewart.” I guess the inference is that Martha only got six months for lying.

Lets us look at a few things. Why do people pick Stewart and neglect to mention Clinton who got absolutely no jail time for lying under oath? Stewart did not lie under oath. She is accused of lying to the police officers who were investigating the issue. They did not tape what she said and the only record was the officer’s note pad. I do not care for Stewart but she was railroaded. Clinton on the other hand was captured on video tape lying under oath. He did the same thing L’il Kim did and he was allowed to go without any sanction.

I would ask where the ACLU and the rest of the drum beaters are? Why are they not fighting for the injustice that two women were subjected to while a white politician was allowed to go free? To top it off, Kim is a black woman. Where are the Jacksons, Sharptons, Farrakahns, and Wests now? Why are they not saying that Bill Clinton got special treatment because he is a white male and that Stewart got screwed because she is a powerful woman and we need to keep her in her place? Why not insist that Kim got screwed because she is a black woman, a rapper at that, and she does not deserve to be treated in the same manner as a white male President, especially a democrat.

For all of you out there who still have trouble seeing that the Clinton issue was about lying under oath and not about sex then why are you not defending Kim. She did not lie under oath, she was protecting a friend. Hogwash, she broke the law and she paid for it. The same punishment should be given to all who lie under oath and get caught. You can bet Clinton has done it more than once, he just got caught once.

I guess it is easy to see that the democrats are concerned with equal rights when they can accuse a republican of the bias. When they do not actually have to put into practice what they are preaching to everyone else then they are OK. When they can score political points by using a republican as their target of racism charges they are in their glory. But when it comes to leveling charges of racism and disparity that occurs and involves one of their own precious donks, they are disturbingly silent.

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