Entrapment? Or just “Law Enforcement?”

So, I just read this story. At first, you just read about the man about to meet a teenager for sex and say, “Oh, sicko!” Go ahead, say it. I’ll wait.

Done yet?

Okay, now that you’re over the revulsion of that idea, go back and check out some of the details. First, there was no teen. The teen in question was completely fabricated. No sex act took place. No one was harmed. Now wait, I realize that’s not quite enough. Keep reading.

Not only was the teen created out of thin air by the police — the police took “WEEKS” to convince the man to come meet them. And, it was only after the police placed an ad asking the man to come meet them!

So, the police placed an ad. They promised sex with an underage person. They spend literally weeks working to convince one man to show up, repeatedly promising him sex. Then, when he shows up (and does nothing), he’s jailed. I honestly cannot understand how, in a free country, that there is any way this is NOT entrapment.

Is this the purpose of our police force today? To literally make people commit crimes? To set them up to fail? To use large amounts of resources and time to convince people to show up at a fake non-crime scene? I yearn for the days when the police worked for the people and were interested in keeping peace instead of finding ways to jail people.

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