Elect Scott Brown To Kill This Health Legislation

There is little disagreement on the need for health care reform. Health care, in its current configuration, is unsustainable and it needs to be fixed. The disagreement is in how to fix it. Conservatives want a free market approach that allows people to shop across state lines, less government interference, and more competition. The statists want the government to run the show and become the keepers of our health care. Government does not run anything efficiently and the estimates of the cost of their monstrosity are well below what the actual costs will be. One only needs to look at Massachusetts to see how the cost of “free” health care has skyrocketed to far above what was estimated and this has led to some people not being covered and care being rationed. Mitt Romney, a conservative of convenience, put this monster in place.

The people of Massachusetts have a chance to keep the rest of the country from suffering a similar fate by electing Scott Brown to fill the seat formerly occupied by Ted Kennedy’s rotund rear. Electing Brown will add a little more balance to the Senate and help keep Congress from rubber stamping Obama’s radical socialist agenda.

This will not be easy. The Democrats have mobilized and Obama himself is heading to the state to scare up support for the “yes” woman, Martha Coakley. Ted Kennedy is working the graveyards to scare up the dead people vote and the unions and community organizing groups, such as ACORN, are out in force to do whatever it takes to get Coakley elected.

Scott Brown needs to win and win by enough to keep from having a recount. Two problems emerge with a recount. The first is it will delay Brown’s arrival at the Senate and give the shady liberals more time to ram the current bill through. Second, Democrats ALWAYS find ballots when there is a recount. In elections where the Democrat is behind the liberal machine miraculously finds a stack of ballots that were “not counted.” It takes a while for them to emerge because it takes a while for union workers and ACORN thieves to sit in a room and fill them out. Democrats find ways to manufacture ballots that they need. If Al Gore had asked that the entire state of Florida be recounted Democrat operatives would have “found” enough votes to secure a victory for him.

Beating a recount will be hard and will take time so we need to ensure that the margin of victory is large enough not to have one. The Democrats are already working on contingencies for a Brown win. The state will delay, as long as it can, the certification of Brown. When Ted Kennedy won the special election for this seat he was sworn in the very next day. Kennedy is a Democrat and there are different rules for them. Niki Tsongas was in the House in three days after her special election victory.

But Brown will face a hurdle of however long the Democrats can make the wait. Once he is certified he must be sworn into the Senate and this will be done at the convenience of Joe Biden’s schedule. Look for Biden to be sent on an overseas mission if Brown wins.

Barney Frank is worried about the election and has told people that if Brown wins health care is dead. I assume he means this health care bill, not all health care but he is a drama queen and needs to deceive for maximum effect. He is good at it too. This is the guy who helped force banks to make risky loans, claimed that Fannie and Freddie MAC were not in trouble and then blamed it all on the banking industry. He is slick and he knows how to lie but he is right that this legislation would be in trouble.

Barney has his panties in a wad but the Democrats have a plan to use reconciliation in the Senate if Brown wins. This process is not supposed to be used for this type of legislation because it is for tax issues and budget issues. While health care will impact each of these it is not either of these. Democrats will have to scale the bill back in order to use reconciliation but once they get what they want they will try to add things in. Brown’s vote could prevent that from happening. The Democrats, who chastised Republicans for using all tools at their disposal, will use a tool that is not designed for this type of legislation in order to FORCE this bill on the public. The rules have never meant much to Democrats but more Americans are watching and there will be hell to pay if they play slick games which is especially true because conservatives are already looking to vote them out and liberals will be ticked off at the watered down legislation.

Patriots in Massachusetts, now is the time for you to band together to elect a man who can slow down this process and make these people listen to the public. You can elect a Senator who will not be a rubber stamp to every Obama/Pelosi/Reid gimmick that comes down the pike. Martha Coakley will vote in lockstep with these people and will help leave this country a vastly different (and much worse) place by the time Obama is out of office.

Everyone else, please call you Congress critters and tell them not to play games. Tell these temple monkeys that we will not tolerate reconciliation or delaying Brown’s certification and swearing in, should he win.

Tuesday has the potential to be a big day in US political history and the voters of Massachusetts have the chance to do something that will go down in the history books (not the rewritten ones liberals use) as a game changing moment in our history.

Vote for Scott Brown!

That is change you can believe in.

UPDATE: Another Coakly gaffe. Red Sox nation cannot be happy with her.

Big Dog


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7 Responses to “Elect Scott Brown To Kill This Health Legislation”

  1. Adam says:

    I don’t know which is worse: The gaffe by Coakley or the fact that Brown has Rudy 91u1iani coming down to stump for him. Respect the rivalry, folks.

  2. Big Dog says:

    I bet Rudy knows the difference between a Yankee fan and a Red Sox fan.

    I can’t figure how you equate the sports gaffe to Rudy, that one is way out there.

    You could have said Clinton or Obama vs Rudy but to compare a spoken sports gaffe to a person visiting makes little sense.

    I would think Coakley might know who Curt Shilling seeing how she is an elected person in the state and had to have seen or heard about that little thing called the World Series.

    Then again, she looked right at an assault and did not recognize that…

    • Adam says:

      Some people are pretty oblivious to baseball. Her mistake wasn’t that she forgot who Shilling was, it was just pretending she knew anything about baseball in the first place which she obviously doesn’t. This is typical of politicians though, thinking if they pretend to like baseball it will appeal to voters but you probably lose more than you gain. Obama for instance is a little bigger fan than most, but Hillary Clinton is a big waffler when it comes to who she roots for.

      It’s not a gaffe with Brown and 91u1iani so much as ironic. Brown getting a mediocre Republican and a huge Yankees fan to come down and help a him, Red Sox fan, win something important? It’s like all those movies where the white man or woman comes in to save the day for some indigenous people or some minority or something.

      • Big Dog says:

        Except of course most movies and now commercials have some minority that saves the day. I think those old movies you talked about did as well. Where do you think the term “magic negro” came from?

        Here is the thing, she was trying to knock Brown and Rudy by injecting the Yankees fan thing. A thinking person (particularly a lawyer who is supposed to know how to argue a point) might figure that the statement would lead to follow up and if knowledge is limited lead to the moron moment. She could have done some other childish thing like spell his name with 911 in it or made reference to his policies but she chose to appeal to that baseball thing and ended up looking like a fool. Perhaps if she does not know what she is talking about she should remain silent.