Elect Dan Bongino As Maryland’s Next US Senator

Maryland is a liberal haven where Democrat politicians own the majority and ram through all kinds of BS that wastes our money. Governor Martin O’Malley is pushing his liberal agenda and ignoring the rest of the issues while he tries to strengthen his creds on the national scene so he can run for the presidency in 2016. O’Malley is exactly like Obama so remember how poorly Obama has done before you consider O’Malley.

Maryland has not had a Republican Senator in over 20 years and the Democrats we have had always put party and power above the people. They sit in their ivory towers until election time and then make a few cameo appearances. They don’t spend much time with the voters because they take their seats for granted. Senator Ben Cardin is running for reelection this year though one might not know that. He has not been out campaigning very much and he has not sent out any mailers (at least I have not gotten any and I usually get tons of them).

Cardin toes the party line and has ensured that the Democrat platform is followed regardless of what the people think. He is a career politician who has his own best interests at heart.

He is being challenged this year by a bright and energetic man named Dan Bongino. Bongino is a former Secret Service Agent who has served this nation honorably. He understands government’s place and he understands that the people are the ones in charge. He is able to cut through the political speak and get down to the issues. This video is a speech he recently gave. Listen to what he says and see if it isn’t more in line with what you believe than what the Democrats want you to believe.

Dan gets it and he will be a fine Senator, a man of the people. If you are in Maryland please vote for Dan so we can send a responsible leader to DC. Let us send Ben Cardin into retirement and set Maryland on a path to responsibility.

Maryland, the Democrats have had control for decades and things are not any better. Put a man who will not put party over people and who will not play politics to work for YOU and let’s get rid of the self serving career statists.

To donate to Dan please visit his site.

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3 Responses to “Elect Dan Bongino As Maryland’s Next US Senator”

  1. Barbara Orla says:

    Believe me I won’t vote for any of our MD democrats this time. When I send petitions to Mikulski and the others all I get is a response that they will do as they see fit in so many words. They don’t care what the people think. Just because this is a Democratic state and you are Democrats does not mean you have to vote for people who are destroying MD as Obama is destroying the US. All O’Malley and Dem friends want to do is raise taxes that many of us cannot afford to pay.

    • Gensearch2 says:

      You are absolutely correct;you don’t have to vote for a Democrat. But more importantly you don’t have to live in MD either. We have plenty of roads the will take you to conservative states where you can live blissfully. Sure, conservative states have the highest poverty rates and lowest average household incomes in the county, but you’ll be far more happier there than in MD.

      Maryland is one of the most liberal states in the country and we have the highest average household income. We have great schools by and large, and we’re quite willing to pay for them.

      I-95 will take you North or South.

      Ben Cardin will be reflected. Barrack Obama will carry MD by a large margin whether you like it or not. The GOP isn’t even bothering to spend any money in Maryland ….. That is not a subtle hint as to how the GOP expects this election to go in MD.

      There isn’t any point in getting upset about it. Find a place to live that you’ll like better. Why be miserable living in liberal Maryland when you can be so much happier living in a wonderful conservative state?

      • Big Dog says:

        Perhaps you are unaware of how things really work so let me help you. The states led by conservatives have lower unemployment and better busgets. Look at the states doing well and they are led by Republicans. look at the states doing poorly and they are led by Democrats, that is just a fact. Look at any major city that is in crisis and you will see a city led by Democrats.

        Maryland> Interesting place. It is doing better than it should be because it is close to DC and a large number of wealthy people who work there live here. We benefit from out proximity to DC. If we were anywhere else we would be in a dire situation. As it stands now we already have a huge budget deficit because they spend money we don’t have on things they are not supposed to be involved in.

        The schools? Sure, they are great so how do you explain the drop out rate and the low test scores. Oh wait, the scores were really good except for the cheating. And what parts of the state do better on those tests? The CONSERVATIVE counties.

        I don’t mind paying my taxes but I mind paying taxes in excess of what I should just so politicians can misuse them. We had billions in the transportation fund they spent on OTHER things and now they want a tax increase added to the toll increases to replace the money THEY misused. They are spending money providing for illegal aliens and their illegal children by paying for their health care and tuition.

        This state has more employees than it needs and it spends money on unions (and forced union participation for state employees) to ensure votes for Democrats.

        Ben Cardin has done nothing for the state and he is a career politician who needs to go.

        As for leaving, high income people are already fleeing this state and the tax base is decreasing. If more taxpayers like me leave who will pay to keep this place running? Certainly not the welfare denizens in the occupy Democrat party.

        The GOP is not stupid. MD is a lost cause for the election. The liberals and the huge numbers of minorities in the big liberal counties (and the city) will vote for Obama. He gives them our stuff.

        Dan Bongino is right. Maryland is worth fighting for but not forever. If the morons who think there is an endless money stream don’t stop getting the taxpayer money we will soon be leaving (and yes, tens of thousands already have) and will live in a conservative area where crime is lower, welfare is lower and people have more liberty. Oh, and when you don’t tax people to death their salaries don’t need to be higher. In liberal areas the cost of living is higher because of liberal policies so salaries must go up to keep pace with the cost of living.

        Bongino will win and rattle the establishment.