Eight Republicans Screwed You On Cap And Tax

The House voted on the cap and trade bill today bringing it closer to reality. It will have a tougher time in the Senate but it will probably eventually pass. This was a big Democratic bill and the agenda for this is strictly on the Democrats even though a number of them voted no today. They are people who are worried about the next election. It was a given that Democrats would largely support this bill but it would not have passed if eight Republicans had not defected. The bill passed 219-212 and would have failed 220-211 has the eight Republicans not voted for it. This bill will raise the cost of energy. People will not be able to afford their energy and all increases on companies will be passed on to the consumer. If it passes you have eight Republicans to thank.

Obama himself clearly said that his cap and trade program would necessarily cause energy prices to skyrocket. Everyone will pay for that. This is not a tax on the “rich” or some offset that the middle class and poor will not have to pay. This will be a massive increase in energy prices so folks better start paying attention and forcing their elected officials to listen. The Senate needs to halt this or it will be a catastrophe.

You know it has to be bad because they are ramming it through before anyone can read it. Does anyone see a pattern here? The stimulus was rammed through and no one read it. Now there are things popping up that no one was aware of. This is not even counting the fact that the stimulus is not working.

The Democrats have a bill that is over 1000 pages. No one had time to read it. At the last minute a 300 page amendment was added and no one could read that. This is irresponsible government and those Republicans who voted for this need to be removed from office. I expect irresponsibility from the Democrats and their messiah but I expect better from Republicans and if they do not do what is right I expect them to be removed from office. Here are the people YOU need to vote out of office in the next election:

  • Reichert-Washington–8th District
  • Bono-California–45th District
  • Castle-Delaware–
  • Kirk-Illinois–10th District
  • Lance-New Jersey–7th District
  • LoBiondo-New Jersey–2nd District
  • McHugh-New York–23rd District
  • Smith-New Jersey–4th District

Target these people and make sure they lose the next election. They do not deserve your vote and they do not deserve to be in office. They are a disgrace and they sold you out. They sold you a bill of goods.

It is now up to the Senate to kill this bill before it causes the skyrocketing prices Barack Obama wants.

Are you elderly folks paying attention? Are you poor and middle class folks paying attention? Obama’s cap and tax plan will seriously hurt you. If you have to choose between using energy and eating cat food there will be no one to bail you out. You will be further enslaved to the Democratic Party.

We need to start cleaning house and we need to do it in 2010. They all need to go. Get rid of them and replace them with people who will do a good job and do what is right for the country. The people there now stand to make millions off the cap and tax scheme. They will get wealthy while you pay more.

Throw them out and you can start with the eight Republicans listed above.

Big Dog

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12 Responses to “Eight Republicans Screwed You On Cap And Tax”

  1. […] Eight Republicans Screwed You On Cap And Tax […]

  2. Blake says:

    Its not just the Republicans- vote all the Dems out who voted for this FUBAR tax- this is the worst piece of legislation that anyone ever conceived, benefitting only those people who have invested in green energy , like Pelosi, Markey, and Al Gore, all who stand to make money, and a lot of it.
    I thought it was a conflict of interest to have an investment in something you were voting on? When did those pesky ethics laws change?

  3. Blake says:

    We need to list those who perpetuated this fiscal theft on our country, and vote them out- this is one of the absolute worst laws that has ever been considered, and I find it incredible that anyone who was even close to being honest would ever consider this bill- it is naked theft at a time when we haven’t the money to spare.
    Talk about skewed priorities- apparently in real life, if you were to let these
    congressmen and women out on the street, they would wander aimlessly into traffic, they have that little sense.

  4. Greg Robie says:

    Cap & Trade is a bad approach to solving an even worse problem: klimakatastrophe. Saying it-jus-taint-so is a liberal/wimp response to the biggest security challenge this nation faces.

    In matters of national security, reducing the money being sent by the US to middle eastern oil producers can improve US security through an increase in our energy independence. This is a need the ACES legislation begins to address: mandating sustainable energy produced in house. Increased reliance on renewables is a change that requires much greater efficiency re: energy usage. Such is also addressed in ACES. Much of feared job losses and energy price increases attributed to ACES will come with peak oil no matter what.

    That aside, this Cap and Trade will do nothing scientifically significant re: klimakatastrophe. It is a small 1st step—to the point of it being a joke—and we are at a time when giant leaps are required. As an aside, I wonder if Cap and Trade was chosen because Wall Street will love it (and I find it interesting that both Obama and McCain campaigned on Cap & Trade suggesting that they both were getting funding from Wall Street interests who had this as their agenda/strategy).

    Regardless, and relative to the economy, the economic challenge the ACES legislation hastens but does not address concerns the US dollar as Federal Reserve Note. It is, but—maybe—for stari decisis, unconstitutional. The dollar is (for now) the global reserve currency thanks to OPEC denominating its sale in US dollars. As we and the world start buying less OPEC oil, the demand for, and relative strength of, the US dollar is threatened big time.

    As background concerning this threat, since President Nixon broke the Bretton Woods agreement and stopped printing the silver certificate, it is OPECs creating the demand it has for our fiat currency which, ironically, has made us/US great. Congress’ final abdication of its constitutional power to coining money (Article 1, Section 8) is what allowed President Reagan to cut taxes without the promised cut in government. Subsequently, we could, and did, borrow ourselves into a prosperity bubble. that bubble is based on consumer credit and has been building since the Great Depression. It has now collapsed (but for banking rule changes, accounting smoke and mirrors by the Fed and banks, more dollars borrowed back from the Chinese, and—increasingly—just printing more of the stuff). The collapsed bubble was built on a business model of driving Americans further and further into debt; deeper into slavery (while, paradoxically, marketing it as freedom!). While we need statesmen to replace the current collection of politicians, what we REALLY need is a new electorate.

    Anyway, I got here following a link from a Tweet from JustPlainBill. If my comment has any value, and you know him, you can thank him.

  5. Blake says:

    The big story is not the eight turncoat Rinos, but the 44 democrats who voted against this abomination of a bill.
    The only solace I can take is that this bill will never pass the Senate- there are too many vulnerable dems, and all the repubs should stand firm.
    There is NO MONEY for this bill, and it is a job loser, so who in their right mind would vote for it? Only those led by the nose by Al Gore and his ilk.

    • Greg Robie says:

      My bias is that it is a waste of time to try to take a bone (in this case ACES/W-M) away from a hungry dog—i.e. those led by the nose/collar by “Al Gore and his ilk.” The successful strategy is to throw them a steak. If you do that the bone gets dropped. A couple of the Dems who voted against this legislation did so because C&T is inadequate to the security threat posed by klimakatastrophe. In addition many Dems who voted for this bill did so as a first step, not because this addresses anything effectively. A better solution to klimakatastrophe can kill/transform ACES.

      As I argued in my previous post a constitutional currency is needed (though that is after we become a new electorate in our “right minds!”). Toward that end, I feel terms need to be used carefully. So, for example Blake, peak oil is a job looser too. As I understand the ACES legislation and current oil field development/depletion curves re: peak oil, ACES’ job reductions will not take place until after peak oil effects job reductions. Until then it is a jobs bill. Does this make sense? If so, the jobs loss argument is one that can be used against the jobs loss argument being used against ACES (boy is that a mouthful!). I think this is why ACES/W-M is being promoted as a jobs bill; why there is job training $ in the regulations.

      Regardless, the unaddressed threat ACES contains, which I have tried to point out is, that there is no Constitutional money. The fiat currency that is passed off as such, systemically cannot fund nor finance a non-fossil carbon economy. This is because its value is inextricably linked to the value of the fossil carbon it seeks to regulate/replace. If this makes sense, an argument that there is no money for this bill is only correct because there is no constitutional money. Otherwise, of course there is. Isn’t ours a debt-based fiat currency that is printed when more debt is created (usually). China may not like financing our borrowing, but it may keep blinking, becasue what is the alternative on a planet were all currencies have become fiat currencies? Has the failed fiat currency system become—due to fear and greed—too big to fail?

      Anyway, isn’t a critique, without an alternative, whining? Cap & Trade is Wall Street’s sweet heart and a rouse relative to the security threat of klimakatastrophe (see tp://climatecongress.ku.dk/pdf/synthesisreport/ for the latest science that will be influencing Copenhagen in December). It is vulnerable on this count (though, if past performance is any indication, what Wall Street wants, Wall Street gets).

      When fighting fascism, friendly or otherwise, it is only that new electorate I advocate for, which can end tyranny. Even so, our Declaration of Independence acknowledges such an electorate is “more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms (“friendly fascism”) to which they are accustomed.” Using language accurately—more so than angrily (and there is lots to be angry about)—feels to me to be super important for avoiding feeding into our enslavement; into the suffering we are accustomed to; the whining.


      — ACES/W-M is a jobs bill but in cannot be funded because it systemically threatens the remaining value in the fiat currency system.
      — Legislation that redresses the security threats of klimakatastrophe is needed and C&T, as structured by ACES/W-M, does not do so.
      — A debt-denominated fiat currency, in conjunction with private central banks and unregulated fractional reserve banking constitute fascism and a “Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to [Wall Street institutions and international corporations] shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
      — A constitutional currency coined in CO2e-credits held in trust for and by the people can (see http://home.roadrunner.com/~robie/opento/klimakatastrophe/DiscoveringMetanoia.html#ConstitutionCrises) can redress all of the above.

      . . . and for me, with thoughtful use of language and integrity in lifestyle, smell like red meat. Anybody biting? ;)

  6. Blake says:

    I am not sure of any Co2 credits I can think of that don’t smell of old Al Gore- the sustainable things you speak to are still at least ten to twenty years away from logical and easy use- it is an economy crippler not to use nuclear, as well as using the oil and gas from the east and west coasts. The technology is here, and while finite, can provide the bridge needed to smoothly transition from fossil fuels to other fuels. As to the financing of our system, the dollar probably will stay the currency of the world, because many of the entities who rely on this currency will balk at any change.

    • Greg Robie says:

      My CO2e credits don’t smell like Al Gore because they are an intentional, orderly, and legal means to collapse what is left of the economy. That economy is built on an unconstitutional currency. For a greater good—to protect and defend Constitution—it has to go (or should I say keep going!). Al Gore wants to save our fiat currency-based economy. If I understand your comment correctly, it looks like you are in bed with Gore on that one.

      In some ways I wish you two were right—that it can be saved.

      Anyway, as long as people who are concerned with protecting the Constitution are not willing to take the steps necessary to get us back under its framing by: having a constitutional currency that can address the security threat of klimakastrophe; unwinding the signing statements that are destroying the separation of powers among the branches of government; stripping the rights of personhood from our corporations and require them to serve the public good in order to retain a charter; and exposeing global capitalism as a state sponsored religion that the separation clause prohibits, what I have outlined is DOA . . . and so is the Republic. Remember, the next phase of our fascism will not be friendly.

      Anyway, yours is an understatement that people balk at change concerning fiat currencies (and the consumer credit inflated economic bubble these facilitated). It is what we are accustomed to. However, like all bubbles it will and must collapse. That will be a change that only an intentional collapse can mitigate the severity of in terms of social chaos. And people will have to come together to do it in the form of a new electorate for the corporate entities, who benefit from our enslavement to debt, will kill us and the planet to avoid such a change (as they have the “intelligence” of cancer).

      PS: I see the “ht” got truncated from the URL I posted above for the synthesis report. If you didn’t read it, I think you should consider doing so. Burning fossil carbon has to become history, like yesterday. Efficiency and conservation need to become like a religion. Nuclear only exists because we taxpayers subsidize the risk of the technology through the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act. Its real cost dwarfs any other alternative-to-fossil-carbon source. BTW, if you have a state of the art energy efficient home, there is enough solar incidence striking its roof in most of the country to power it. The centralized solar power approaches to getting off fossil carbon is more for the benefit of Wall Street than Main Street.

  7. Spankthe8 says:

    Given that the margin of this bill’s passage was only 7 votes, I am focusing my rage on the 8 Republicans.

    Rather than scream into the phone at them to change their vote, I am launching a fundraiser for their opponents. Hopefully a chunk of cash will induce a challenger into standing against them during the primary(s).