Edwards’ Snake Oil Show Goes to Iowa

John Edwards and his wife are in Iowa selling snake oil to the local Democrats who stand around with their hands out waiting in uncontrollable anticipation of the billions of dollars they will get as John Boy redistributes wealth in an attempt to socialize America. People cry as John’s hillbilly demeanor and twang makes them forget he made millions by duping juries in the same manner he is duping them. He and his wife make a great team as their vaudeville show/comedy routine makes them look like a regular couple in these here Yoonited States. Ms. Edwards beats on the health care drum using fear and class envy to bring about a point:

…and they fall into a hush when Elizabeth talks about health care. “Ninety-five thousand women in this state are uninsured,” she says, “and if you are uninsured, you are 30% to 50% more likely to die of breast cancer.” Her words resonate with the knowledge that her breast cancer has spread incurably to her ribs and hip. She mentions her husband’s health-care plan, which promises to cover every American at a cost to taxpayers of $90 billion to $120 billion a year, and says, “I want you to ask the other candidates, ‘When your health-care plan passes, what is the number of uninsured?’ That number needs to be zero.” Then she hands the microphone to her husband.

John Boy wants to charge the taxpayers 90 to 120 BILLION dollars a year to provide health insurance for people who do not have it. While she mentions her husband’s health care plan (for the nation) she fails to mention the health care plan he currently has for his family. As a millionaire he can afford great insurance for his family and the best doctors, and yet, his wife is dying of the very breast cancer she claims the uninsured are more likely to die from. I imagine that there is a statistic to show this but we could take any woman in that room who was not insured and did not have breast cancer and make the argument that people get breast cancer whether they are insured or not. I doubt there is a direct relationship between not having insurance and getting breast cancer (or any other ailment). More likely, poorer people who can not afford insurance are more likely to engage in behaviors associated with getting the disease. While people in Iowa cry at the touch of John Edwards as if he is the second coming of Jesus Christ, let us not forget that this is the man who said that if John Kerry were elected president people like Christopher Reeve [the paralyzed actor] will walk again. It is not likely that will occur in Edwards’ lifetime but one thing is certain, the person who is president will have little to do with it.

The Edwards snake oil show continues as John Boy talks badly about George Bush (a requisite for any Democrat) and as his wife tells people that Hillary will energize Republicans. I do not disagree with that last statement but Liz is using it to strike fear in those who do not want Republicans in office. Of course Edwards has an aggressive agenda that is filled with the same issues everypolitician promises to fix. Edwards though, has a few in there he actually helped cause:

He isn’t ranting; he’s twanging like a bluegrass banjo, rolling along in full control—outraged on behalf of people who have lost their jobs or pensions to corporate restructuring, people who watch their children go off to “this mess of a war in Iraq.” And he’s enthusiastic about all the things he’ll do for these people as soon as he shuts down those rascally insiders: pass universal health care and middle-class tax relief, raise taxes on rich folks, end the war, stop global warming, rebuild labor unions, bail people out of foreclosure, and let’s not forget highways and bridges and “college for everyone” and an antitrust investigation of Big Oil, and on and on.

John Edwards has his hands in the mortgage problems and while he is promising to bail people out, companies he is involved in are foreclosing on them. Edwards promises to bail out people who can not pay their loans (another taxpayer bill to pay) because he espouses what a lot of Liberals believe in and that is there is no personal responsibility. Charlatans (like Edwards), we are told, deceived people. Isn’t it more probable that people made bad decisions with regard to buying a home? Each individual is responsible for knowing what he can afford and should never allow a lender to decide in his stead.

I also like the way John Boy talks about the cost to consumers and how health care costs so much because of drug and insurance companies being in the pockets of politicians (of both parties) who rig the system against the consumer. The average Joe like these Iowans are helpless unless John Boy is elected. What most people fail to realize is that lawyers like John Edwards (and including Edwards) cost consumers billions of dollars with frivolous lawsuits based on junk science in order to win extremely huge payouts by the very companies he derides. Those companies, in turn, pass the cost of the lawsuits on to customers. Additionally, patent laws regarding drugs force developers to charge a fortune for the new drugs in order to recoup R&D costs before the patents run out. This [the patent process] is one that members of Congress can fix but I don’t recall ever seeing where John Boy addressed this while he served. I don’t recall him addressing most of this stuff though I bet if we look closely enough we will see he opposed tort reform.

This guy is a smooth talker who could charm the skin off a snake and the fact that his dying wife assists him as a shill is all the more shameful.

The Democrats need to think long and hard before they select this guy.


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