Earthquate Rocks Pakistan

A powerful earthquake rocked the border region between Pakistan and India killing hundreds of people. The earthquake measured 7.6 in magnitude and caused buildings to collapse and triggered landslides. The army and other rescue workers were digging through rubble to attempt rescuing the folks believed to be trapped. There were several aftershocks that were felt at military bases in Afghanistan.

In a related story Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and Ted Kennedy want to know why George Bush did not respond before this disaster. They claim many lives would have been saved if the US federal government had acted more quickly. FEMA, already under the gun for its response to hurricane Katrina, was also fingered as a responsible party.

Said Pelosi, “If this administration can not handle natural disasters in a more efficient manner to save lives, how can we trust them to do anything?”

Ted Kennedy reported that George Bush was too busy giving a speech to oil executives to put together a plan before this happened and Harry Reid is calling for the head of FEMA to be fired.

Senator Hillary Clinton has called for an investigation like the 9/11 Commission to find out what the President knew and when he knew it (sort of like that book about her).

Washington Post

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