Early Voting Struck Down In Maryland

The flawed early voting law in Maryland has been struck down by the court. An appeals court upheld a lower court ruling that the early voting violated the State’s Constitution. This bill, passed by the Democratic legislature, was designed to do nothing more than allow Democrats to have an advantage. The bill allowed voting up to 5 days before the election but only in a few selected polling places. The Governor of Maryland, who vetoed the bill only to see the Democrats over ride the veto) had this to say:

“Today’s decision by the Maryland Court of Appeals is a victory for the Maryland Constitution and for citizens who want fair and accurate elections in Maryland,” wrote Governor Ehrlich.

While his opponent, Democrat Martin O’Malley, had this to say:

“We are disappointed in today’s decision because it will make it more difficult for hardworking Marylanders, who are struggling to provide for their families and cannot afford to take time off on election day, to vote. It’s unfortunate that Bob Ehrlich doesn’t feel the same way.”

Let me educate young Martin because his optic nerve has crossed his rectal muscle and he is getting a crappy outlook. First of all, this bill was only designed to allow heavily Democratic districts to vote early. That in and of itself was discriminatory to the balance of the state. Secondly, people do not have to take off the entire day to vote. In addition, employers are required to give time off to vote. It does not have to be with pay but they have to give the time off. In addition, the polls are open from 7am to 8pm on election day. Surely, most people can fine time in those 13 hours to vote. And here is a bit of news for the boy whiner, people who can not vote on election day can file an absentee ballot.

So Marty, there are plenty of ways for people who are motivated to do so, to get out and vote. Bob Ehrlich wants a fair and honest election and this bill prevented such a thing from occurring. It is TOO bad that you, Marty, do not feel the same way. It looks like you Democrats will have to go to plan B, you know, have the dead people vote.

I hope the people of Maryland are paying attention. This is important and the misuse of power by the Democratically controlled legislature is beyond the pale. The fact that this law was canned, when combined with all the other laws the Democrats keep losing on in the courts, should be enough for a change or personnel in the Capitol.


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2 Responses to “Early Voting Struck Down In Maryland”

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  2. Biloxi says:

    Good post Big Dog. Early voing has long been a ploy to get out more Democratic votes. How does restricting voting to one day (allowing for absentees of course) cheapen democracy? How does it hurt the “working people”.

    This is an unnecessary ploy and opens avenues to all types of fraud. Why is it that the party of whiners charging voter fraud are the ones who want to facilitate ways to employ it?