Early Sunday Trackback Fest

I think it is time again to put up a trackback fest. Anyone who wants to link here may do so as long as they link back to me. You may link as many times as you like so long as you reciprocate. I don’t care what the topic is so long as it is appropriate in content.

Have fun, link early and link often.

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4 Responses to “Early Sunday Trackback Fest”

  1. New eBay Phishing Trick

    This is becoming such a habit I thought I’d better add a category for it. There is a new type of phishing email on the loose. The example we received was disguised as a message from an eBay customer about…

  2. otimaster says:

    The battle of the bridges Open Trackback Post

    The video of that it has been defined “the battle of the bridges”. In August 2004, our brave italian soldiers obtain a Victory that she allows to maintain the control of the center of Nassirya.

  3. Abolish the CIA?

    I think cleaning out the CIA would be a great idea, but who would come in to take those positions? That is an answer that relates directly on whether getting rid of the CIA would accomplish anything at all.

  4. Muslim gangs in Sydney suburbs stir nightmare for

    In the past couple of years, Muslim gangs, who even communicate with each other via cellphones, of Lebanese backgrounds have been terrorizing the suburbs in Sydney, Australia, making a visit to Cronulla Beach a most unpleasant experience for everyone…