Early Hillary; Practice for Marriage to Bill

There is a story about when Hillary was a young lawyer and her assignment to a case involving the rape of a 12 year old girl. Hillary was assigned as the defendant’s attorney so it is expected that she would do whatever it took (within the bounds of the legal system) to either get her client exonerated or get a deal favorable to him. I have never been a fan of plea bargains when they are used as an easy method to win a case or allow a criminal to serve less time for a serious offense. I have a friend in New Jersey who has been accused of something he did not do and they are continually offering him a deal to end the case. He refuses to capitulate because he is innocent, but that does not stop them from using the deal as a method to win a conviction, truth be damned.

Hillary is reported to have been very aggressive and to have badgered the 12 year old rape victim. She tried hard to question the integrity of the victim and insinuated that she sought out older men for sex. Hillary tried to indicate the girl was lying because she had told lies in the past. All of this has been deemed ethical by legal scholars and I am in no position to question that view. I figure a defense attorney has an obligation to do what it takes on behalf of the client.

The article indicates that Hillary approached that case in a manner that has been a reflection of her life indicating that she immerses herself in unpleasant tasks with a will to win. I don’t doubt that as it has been demonstrated time and again in her public life. She will do whatever it takes to win and she does not care what mess she leaves or who gets destroyed in her wake.

However, I believe that the badgering of a rape victim gave her the experience needed to confront the many women who have had sex, either consensually or against their will, with her husband. Bill Clinton has a long history of sleeping around and there have been accusations of rape. This was so prominent that Hillary had a group whose job was to handle the “bimbo eruptions.” Hillary, in addition to being the enabler of her husband’s sexual misdeeds, was the enforcer when it came to dealing with the women. She used intimidation to ensure they remained silent. Hillary approached every bimbo eruption with a desire to destroy the woman making the claims even if it meant that a victim of rape would be victimized again.

Hillary’s early life experiences molded her into the person she is today. One can make the argument that she immerses herself in any task with a desire to win and that is an admirable trait. However, when that desire to win is a driving force in destroying lives in the name of obtaining power then it becomes obsessive rather than admirable.

Both Clintons are obsessed with obtaining power and they will destroy anyone who gets in the way. There are still those who find themselves in the path or hurricane Hillary and her overbearing nature. The only difference, as far as we know, is that they are not 12 years old.

As an aside, Barack Obama seems to agree with what I wrote earlier.

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