Eaney Meany Miney Moe

Catch an ILLEGAL by his toe, then deport his ass.

The National Democrats wrote a letter to the Republican Committee and asked them to have college Republicans put an end to catch an ILLEGAL immigrant games that are being played out across the country. The game is like hide and seek except the hider is playing the part of an ILLEGAL. This has upset the Democrats because they do not like to see their voting base harassed. I applaud the college kids because even in a game they have done more to capture ILLEGALS than the government has. The Republican Party has condemned these acts but aside from that there is little they can do. The college Republicans are not under their control.

Even if they could do something about it I would be against such an act. The young adults in the colleges are not hurting anyone and they are not destroying any property. Now the Democrats, on the other hand, commit acts that are harmful and destructive. When conservatives put up crosses to indicate the number of abortions that have been performed liberals knock them down and destroy them. When recruiters go to campuses the liberals vandalize their vehicles and cause an uproar that forces the recruiters to pack up and leave so that someone does not get hurt. And by someone, the recruiters mean so that they are not forced to whip the asses of the thugs who are provoking them.

Since the Democrats feel it is OK to put this on the Republicans Committee I have my own request of those very Democrats. I demand that you tell those pinko liberals to stop destroying the crosses or any other displays with which the young donks disagree. I also demand that you tell your young drones to stop attacking recruiters and allow them to do their jobs. I demand that you withhold federal money from any college that violates the Solomon Act by chasing recruiters away. You can start with UC Santa Cruz.

It is amazing that the donks continually overlook criminal acts by college kids who happen to be liberal but make a big stink about Republicans who play a harmless game are ridiculed. Perhaps if the worthless politicians did something serious about ILLEGALS then the college kids would not have to resort to such tactics.

So Howard Dean and Ramona Martinez, why don’t you shut your big mouths and mind your own business. The last thing we need is for the likes of you two to tell us what we should be doing.


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