Dumbest Hoax Contest

A grocery store clerk is being held on charges that he perpetrated the dirty bomb hoax involving seven NFL stadiums this coming Sunday. Twenty year old Jake Brahm of Wisconsin states that he was involved in a contest with another man to see who could circulate the scariest Internet rumor. While he is in jail he will learn what scary is when some guy named Bubba tries to make him a love slave.

This guy might have wanted to make the scariest threat but his efforts ended up being the dumbest. Brahm must not have been born with much common sense to believe he could post this kind of information and not attract attention. This guy is older but no brighter than the young girl in California who posted threats to the President on her My Space account. The major difference is, she is a young teen and should have parental supervision and he is 20 and is supposed to be an adult.

This guy is an idiot but I do not want to see him go to jail. I want the judge to say that this guy is not allowed to own a computer or to access the Internet for the next 10 years. If he breaks this he will have to go to jail for the amount of time left on the probation. This will give the idiot a bit of time to think about his stupidity.

The Smoking Gun

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