Dumb And Dumber, The Intervention Of An Addict

Anyone ever had an addict in their family??? I have. what drives any form of addict is the bloodthirsty need to have power or control over another or a situation. It is the nucleus to the disorder…and trust me, it is a HUGE disorder…for every addict to remain so, they must have one or more co-addicts. hat being a willing person or partner who doesn’t engage in the addictive act, but does nothing to stop the active addict.

What I witnessed by both Republicans and Democrats at their convention was the disease of addiction and their willing co-addicts. That feeling of watching something occur and asking yourself if you really did just see what you saw. Surreal. The debris inside the eye of the storm flying everywhere, must have been what it felt like to be a delegate of anyone but Mitt Romney. And let’s not give the Dems a pass either…same for any Democratic delegate who places God as their supreme guide in life decisions and behavior.

Those of us on the outside of that eye of the storm can see things for exactly what they are, and it isn’t a pretty sight for either party if they continue this assault on rules, laws, and citizens. Judging from how many citizens don’t bother to vote, and how many dead citizens continue to vote, I’d say this is an utter failure. How about you?

To push away all those elected delegates by the people of their states, and change the rules at the last second to get your boy the 1144 delegates he needed, was less than the “big tent” you claim you are Republicans. And to push God out of any reference in your little party in Charlotte was equally divisive Democrats. You’re not winning anyone over.

How many of you would like to have another choice? How many would like to hear Gary Johnson in the debates, who is on the ballot in all 50 states? I know I would. I would like to hear what a former Governor of New Mexico, who was one of only four Governors to leave office with a budget surplus, has to say. I would like to hear what the former Governor has to say about cutting taxes, because he did so 14 times and still left the treasury with 222 million to the 28 million when he arrived. I would like to hear what the former Governor who won two terms with a wide margin has to say about school choice, since he was the first to lead the challenge on a statewide voucher program. I would like to hear about a former Governor who actually cut 1200 government jobs without firing one government employee. I would like to hear from the former Governor who vetoed 750 bills during his tenure, more than any other Governor in the country. I would like to hear about health care from a former Governor who has participated in several Iron Man triathlons and summited Mt. Everest in 2003. 

If the Republicans throw another game in November, just remember, there was a third choice…he just wasn’t invited to the party…maybe because he isn’t a power hungry, controlling addict?? Maybe he isn’t drinking the Kool Aid that requires an intervention.

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