Duck And Cover Democrats

The Democrats shut down the government last October, of this there can be no doubt. I know they blamed Republicans who asked for a number of concessions including repealing Obamacare. Of course Democrats would not do that so Republicans asked for a delay in the Individual Mandate so that the people being affected by the law would have a reprieve.

Absolutely not was the response from Democrats.

The government shut down and there was uproar as Barack Obama worked to make it seem as uncomfortable as possible. We can’t have this government shut down because people depend on it (which is a problem as far as I am concerned).

Interestingly, no one in DC screams that the people need the government and that it can’t shut down when it closes every time there is a bad snowstorm. The government has shut down a number of times this winter due to bad weather and no one in government had an issue with it.

But the very reprieve that Republicans were asking for, a delay in the Individual Mandate, has been granted by Imperial Leader Obama. He caught hell for all the cancellations and his lie about keeping your plan if you liked it was exposed. So Obama, who could have avoided the shutdown and the embarrassment of his lie being exposed in October, extended the Mandate. He pushed it a year down the road. He could have done that in October and the government would not have shut down so he is responsible despite what the left tells you.

But a problem happened when he extended the deadline a year. The extension could result in a nasty election day for Democrats because insurance companies are required by law to send out cancellation notices 90 days before the cancellation.

Those notices will go out about five weeks before the November midterm election and a lot of anger will be pointed at Democrats.

You see, no Republican voted for Obamacare. The Democrats used a lot of back room deals to get enough of their own to vote for it so they own it. It has been a disaster and many of them will be fighting for their political lives. The last thing they need is the cancellations that would have come out earlier this past year to start coming out just before the election. This will remind all voters that Obamacare took away their plans and give them plenty of reason to vote them out of office.

Barack Obama to the rescue.

Obama is set to announce another extension of the mandate and the sole reason is so that the cancellation notices do not come out prior to the election. It is already unconstitutional for him to change the law as he has done over 20 times but now he is playing political games with this change. There is no reason for the extension to be granted except to provide cover for vulnerable Democrats.

The constant changes from Obama have caused problems for insurance companies because they need a stable environment in order to assess the cost of coverage and to adjust premiums. In the ever changing Obamacare world they are unable to run their businesses. Here is what they should do. The law requires them to send the notices no later than 90 days but as far as I am aware there is no restriction on sending them out earlier.

These companies should send out the notices so that they reach people prior to the election. People need to know what lies ahead before they vote.

Of course, people need to be responsible too. They know that millions were dumped from their plans and they know that Obama lied when he told them they could keep them if they liked them so they need to understand that the extension only delays the inevitable.

Regardless of when the extension ends they will still lose their plans. They need to understand that Obama is only doing what he is doing to help Democrats avoid defeat in November.

Remember, these politicians only care about you when they want your vote. Once you put them back in office they will screw you every way they can. Dump them in November and get some fresh blood in there to shake things up and ensure your interests are taken into consideration.

It is amazing to me Obama has the nerve to claim that Putin is violating International Law when Obama is busy breaking American law.

Send him a message and cripple him in the next election. We might not be able to get anything passed because he has a veto pen BUT we can make him a true lame duck who cannot force his agenda on an unwilling population.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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