Dr. Condi Rice is a Victim of Liberal racism

Ever since George Bush announced the nomination of Dr. Rice to be the next Secretary of State the liberal left has been out in full force trying to discredit her. There have been hate filled racist cartoons drawn showing her as a stereotype of a black woman. I can not believe that this has happened and I can not believe that there has not been an uproar.

I am willing to bet that if these cartoons were directed toward a democrat there would be a public outcry about the mean spirited republicans. Dan Blather and his ilk would be all over this. Have any of those media elitists come out against these cartoons? No, and don’t hold your breath waiting for them.

This is actually kind of sad. Here we have the democratic party, the self proclaimed party of the little guy. The same party that promises the world to minorities and then takes them for granted. The party that is all for women’s rights and the civil rights marches of the 60’s. The same group is now a party of bigots who are defaming the good name of well educated person who just happens to be black. The sin she has committed is that she is conservative and works for George Bush.

Shame on the left. One day real soon they are going to go just a bit too far and they are not going to like the consequences!

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