Doyle Misses The Point In Trump Attack

I start by once again stating that I have not made up my mind on a candidate. I have some I favor over others but some of these folks will likely not be around when it is time for my primary so I have my list and can work off it as my state primary nears.

Having provided that disclaimer I now move on to the continuing drama of Trump-Clinton and the war on women. Hillary fired the first shot when she accused Trump of being a sexist and touted herself as the champion of women. She is fighting the imagined monster of unequal pay and she will of course defend against the Republican war on women. The war on women the left accuses the right of is as imagined as the vast right wing conspiracy that Hillary claimed was after her hubby so long ago.

After she attacked Trump something happened that she did not expect (though if she is the smartest person around should have). Trump fired back. He went after Hillary for her hubby’s dalliances. Patti Solis Doyle, a Hillary supporter with a long history of liberal work, said that what Bill did was on him, not Hillary and Trump (or anyone else) should not be attacking her for what her hubby did.

I agree entirely that what Bill did is on Bill. The women he raped and sexually molested as well as the ones he willingly had affairs with are all on him and only him. He did it. Now there are rumors that Bill and Hill had a pretty open relationship and she did not care whose inkwell he dipped his pen in so long as it did not hurt them (especially her) politically.

But those are just rumors. In any event, the felonies he committed by raping those women are strictly on him.

Where Doyle and others miss the mark is on their decision to stop at this point. They claim it is on Bill and she should not be held accountable for what he did so move on.

The story cannot stop there. Trump is right to bring it up because Hillary was involved in what happened afterward. She intimidated women to keep them from talking. She engaged in the war room to squash “bimbo eruptions” and she fought hard to discredit any and all women who claimed to have had sex, consensual or otherwise, with her husband.

This is the main point of Trump’s argument. He pointed out that Hillary accuses him of all kinds of sexism while she protected Bill from accusations from women whose champion she now claims to be.

Trump is right to point this out. If Hillary was a champion for women then why did she attack those who accused her husband of rape? If she believes every woman who makes a claim of sexual assault deserves to be heard why did she silence those claiming such about Bill? If she is against men who abuse women sexually then why did she stick with Bill and why did she defend him?

To Doyle and the rest of the bubble headed drones on the left Hillary was a victim, Bill did it all so stop blaming her for it.

No one, including Trump, blamed her for the physical acts Bill did. They are blaming Hillary for attacking those women and working hard to discredit them and to intimidate them in order for him to keep power and for her to ride his coattails when it was “her turn”.

This is nothing more than a political ploy. Liberals do not care about women. None of these people actually give a rodent’s derrière about what Bill did. None of them care if women are heard and none of them care about the alleged wage gap (liberal women usually pay their female staffers less than their male staffers and Hillary is in that group). These people only care about power and giving the appearance that they actually care.

It is evident that liberals ignore crimes their politicians commit so that they can keep power. Hillary Clinton ran a private server that compromised classified information so that she could avoid government archiving requirements and she let Americans die in Benghazi and blamed it all on an internet video (which she now denies doing).

Liberals have excused her for this. Instead they focus on the alleged criminal acts of Republicans. Keep that in mind. If a Republican does wrong he needs to be removed from office or dropped from consideration for office.

If a Democrat (liberal) commits a crime that person is to be celebrated.

The reality is Doyle missed the mark because she ignored the entire narrative in order to hide Hillary’s war on women.

Let’s face it. If liberals really cared about women they would not be going after Trump. They would be going after Hillary for her war on women.

And given the things Bernie Sanders has said about women they would be going after him.

I mean, if they REALLY cared…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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