Don’t Worry, They Are Just Talking About Voting

The left went bonkers when Sarah Palin said that we don’t retreat, we reload. They went apoplectic when her map with bull’s eyes on it was used to blame her for a crazed liberal who shot Congresswoman Giffords and a number of other people in Tuscon. That type of map was invented by Democrat strategist Bob Beckel but when he used it all was fine.

Every time there is an act of violence by a liberal the left claims the criminal is a right wing nut and that this person was inspired by right wing talk. Rush Limbaugh was blamed for the Oklahoma City bombing (and McVeigh was referred to as right wing) and Palin, along with a host of others, was blamed for the Tuscon massacre.

After Tuscon, Barack Obama called for civility (though he has been guilty of violent metaphors) and said we owed it to the people who were shot to have more civil discourse. That call, hollow as it was to begin with, fell on deaf liberal ears.

The TEA Party has been demonized, called names, blamed for the violence of the left and has been called racists. All claims are untrue but that takes away from the narrative. The left is devoid of ideas and the things it has put in place are not working. Barack Obama now has a record that he will need to defend. There is now something to look at that even the blind left can’t ignore. So he needs to gin up the mob against an enemy and that enemy is the TEA Party.

In the past few weeks we have heard members of the racist organization, the Congressional Black Caucus, say the TEA Party can go straight to hell and that the TEA Party members of Congress would like to see black people lynched. This is rhetoric designed to point the mob toward the TEA Party and help Obama win a second term. It is all about mob behavior as those on the left are unable to think rationally on their own.

This past week we had a Vice President call the opposition barbarians and the president of the Teamsters Union say of the TEA Party, we will take the sons of bitches out.

The left has yet to condemn these words, any of them, and has actually defended those who said them. Why, Hoffa was only talking about voting. His violent metaphor leaves little doubt that he was calling for more than voting people out. The TEA Party he referred to is a group of American citizens of all stripes. He did not talk about voting the members of the TEA Party in Congress out, he labeled the entire TEA Party as the enemy and said they would take the sons of bitches out. As a side note, there are about 80 million TEA Party members and 14 million union members so good luck with that.

Defenders of Hoffa were the first to point to less violent metaphors used by right wing talkers as the reason for the Tuscon massacre. Right wing talk, military jargon (be careful calling it the Obama CAMPAIGN), and maps were all used to point the fingers of blame. Those violent right wingers are causing trouble.

So keep this in mind when you hear the left justify the violent talk of its mob. To them, right wingers call for violence and the left only calls for votes.

Certainly the left would condemn any violence called for if it were real instead of just a call to get out the vote.

So where are those on the left condemning this violent video game? This game allows people to kill TEA Party zombies. Among those who can be violently killed are most FOX News commentators, Sarah Palin, and the Koch brothers, just to name a few.

Don’t worry though, killing TEA Party zombies, I am sure, is just a metaphor for beating them at the ballot box. Of course, like the TEA Party Hoffa attacked, most of those in the game are not running for office.

Don’t let little things like facts get in the way of your mob mentality. You evil right wingers just sit back while we incite violence. We are only (wink, wink) calling for people to be eliminated at the ballot box.

I want you to imagine how the left would act if there was a game (designed by the evil Koch brothers, of course) that allowed people to kill liberal zombies. The left gets upset when we talk about killing terrorists so one can just imagine how they would act if a kill the liberal zombie game featuring zombies like Obama (you racists, killing the black guy), Begala, Clinton (either one), Carville, Chrissie Matthews, Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow or any other liberal were introduced. We would never hear the end of it and the state run media would be featuring it on the hour for days on end.

You can also bet that no explanation about only looking for votes would satisfy the mob.

Jimmy Hoffa might very well have been talking about taking people out with a vote (unlikely given the words) but if that is true it is certain he meant by any means necessary. Union thugs intimidating people and committing violence and Black Panthers intimidating voters with threats of violence are all part of the mob mentality.

And it will get worse in the next year as more and more liberal mob leaders call for violence under the guise of getting out the vote.

Here is a non violent way to respond to Jimmy Hoffa. UPS has Teamster drivers, FedEx is non union. The Christmas season is fast approaching and there will be lots of packages shipped. If you order something and have a choice in how it is shipped, choose FedEx. If you ship something be sure to use FedEx. Let Hoffa see that words have meanings and saying the wrong ones has consequences.

And to you liberals who think this is wrong, I am just calling for people to vote, with their wallets…

Cave Canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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10 Responses to “Don’t Worry, They Are Just Talking About Voting”

  1. Adam says:

    “Jimmy Hoffa might very well have been talking about taking people out with a vote…”

    He said:

    And you know what? Everybody here’s got to vote. If we go back, and we keep the eye on the prize, let’s take these son of a bitches out and give America back to an America where we belong.

    But who’s to say what he meant? Voting, or killing? We can’t be sure. Of course it gets harder to know what Hoffa meant if you snip out the part of the quote that talks about voting as the right wing did.

    You act like tough talk is violent in itself or somehow it is on the level of the TEA Party. Even if Hoffa straight up said let’s leave here tonight and mass murder every TEA Party barbarian we can find, it would still be 1 piece of violent rhetoric versus numerous pieces from the TEA Party.

    The TEA Party carried guns at events and made the 2nd amendment a motto and the revolutionary war a fashion statement. They carried signs about being unarmed…this time. They carried signs about exercising the 1st so they won’t need to the 2nd. Some straight up called for watering the tree of liberty. Then leaders like Palin used gun metaphors like don’t retreat, reload and sent out maps with cross hairs on politicians’ locations. This is what the TEA Party did, and you know this. You were part of it.

    Then when violence strikes like with Giffords the TEA Party couldn’t run from the metaphors fast enough. Now any tough talk from the left is met with this same whiny disapproval from the right as if it somehow is equal to the culture they promoted through the TEA Party. It’s not equal. Not even close. You made that bed. You don’t have to sleep it in but don’t pretend you can make us sleep there either.

    • Big Dog says:

      You really are deranged. The TEA Party exercised its rights and did not incite violence. The violence in the Giffords’ case was from a left wing loony. Yes, people brought guns to TEA Party events in states where they have the right to carry. I know you don’t like that but they were allowed to carry and they did like they do every other day of the week.

      No one retreated from the metaphors. What they did was fight back against the accusations that such metaphors led to the violence perpetrated by left wing wackos. No one denied using the metaphors but it was you on the left who went nuts about them after a left wing moron shot Giffords. You all tried to place the blame the shooting on these metaphors and hate speech so much so that your leader had to ask for civility.

      Now that your side can’t follow that and you get the same push back from the right that you all tried you whine about it.

      If right wing talk caused violence (it did not) then you have to accept that left wing talk incites the same violence. Given the history of violence among the left and among the labor unions it is only reasonable to infer that Hoffa was calling for that kind of violence. It is part of their history.

      The violence that has happened has been from the left. You know the TEA Party did not do it. You yourself said it was a bunch of old retired people so you know they were not violent. Which is it Adam? You can’t have it both ways.

      The TEA Party has caused NO violence. The signs were just that, signs and none of them called for anyone to get hurt. Did you notice all those signs when Bush was president? They were there and much worse than people exerting their God given rights. These were signs calling for Bush and Cheney to be shot, movies about Bush being assassinated, signs saying they support the troops when they shoot their officers, vandalism against military recruiting stations, all done by the left.

      You can claim the TEA Party is violent but you have no proof. The state run media even cropped a picture of a black man carrying a rifle and then said that white people were angry at a black president and showed up with guns. LIES, all LIES. Your side has tried to demonize the peaceful TEA Party since they came on the scene. We want our rights and we do not want those we elected to serve us to do things against our wishes.

      The country is more oppressed by the bonds of government now than it was when we decided to cast out King George. Our Founders would have been shooting by now. You take signs and crap your pants while ignoring the actual and undeniable violence from the left.

      Now watch, because if some Teamster attacks someone Hoffa will be to blame and the backlash will not be good. Push peaceful people too far and it gets ugly.

      Remember, it was the union thugs beating up TEA Party people and not the other way around.

      Can you show any violence from the right, from the TEA Party? NO! You cannot.

      I can show you violence from the left. The Tuscon shooting is the latest example.

    • Big Dog says:

      And look at the game, shoot the TEA Party zombies. No violence there. Defend it, I am sure you have some twisted way to do that.

    • Blake says:

      Adam- it is not about tough talk- neither Tiny Jim Hoffa, or his teamsters scare me- it is about the blatant double-standard and High Hypocrisy that the progressive socialists employ shamelessly, saying that America needs to be more civil, but then the Rezident never calls his side out on their incendiary language.

  2. Adam says:

    “The TEA Party exercised its rights and did not incite violence.”

    Just to be clear I don’t blame the TEA Party for Laughner’s actions. I disagree he was a liberal but your side considers liberalism a mental disorder so it’s understandable that you confuse a sick man with being a liberal.

    The TEA Party absolutely used gun imagery and metaphors while glamorizing revolution and the right to bare arms in opposition to liberals. Your pal Allen West did this. Sarah Palin did this. The old folks on the ground did this. If unions did this you’d call them thugs but of course your side could never be guilty of “thuggery” as you call it.

    “Now watch, because if some Teamster attacks someone Hoffa will be to blame and the backlash will not be good.”

    Sorry. I understand your media lied to you over Hoffa and you’re too embarrassed to back track but he did not call for violence no matter how much you think he did. But remember these right wing rules:

    TEA Party carrying guns at events and using gun metaphors to call for defeating politicians: Not violence in any way shape or form.

    Calling for union people to vote politicans out of office: Shocking call to violence by union thugs.

    “And look at the game, shoot the TEA Party zombies. No violence there.”

    The game is an offensive joke made by idiots. The very vast majority of people would never have seen, heard of, or played the game. Because it offended members of the right they promoted it and made it a bigger deal than it was.