Don’t Waste Your Time Contacting Congress

I wrote about the losers at UC Santa Cruz and the way they treated military recruiters who are allowed to be there by law. I tried to contact members of Congress to tell them how I felt about the incident and to demand that they discontinue federal funding of this school. This is what I sent:

I am writing about the protest at UC Santa Cruz where military recruiters were harassed and had to leave campus before violence broke out. I find this completely disgusting and I want all federal money to that college immediately withdrawn. I think that you should also find out if any of the people involved have federal loans or grants and stop those as well. As a veteran and a taxpayer I do not think it would be appropriate for Congress to turn a blind eye to this. It is the second time this has happened at this school and pretty soon there will be a number of schools following suit.

Here is your mandate and our law. All we have to do is follow it (and not like we follow immigration laws).
On March 6, 2006, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment in FAIR v. Rumsfeld

I sent this to over a hundred members of Congress at their email addresses. I received a great number of returns indicating the emails were not recognized. Almost every other one indicated that they would only respond to emails from constituents. I have a few problems with this. First of all, they make laws that effect everyone. If I have a problem with a person in another state then I should be able to contact them. If they only represent their constituents does that mean I do not have to follow laws that my elected leaders voted against? I am bound by their decisions so they should answer me. Secondly, why is it these jackasses will fly all over the country and accept money from every state when they are running for election in their states (in other words, not on the national level) but they will not answer people they would happily take money from. I am willing to bet a year ago Jack Abramoff was able to get through via email. I am also willing to bet if my subject line were “How can I donate $10,000 to you?” they would answer immediately.

Do not waste your time trying to contact the so-called leaders in this country. They do not care about the average citizen in America.

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