Don’t Tell The New York Times

There is a report from Israeli news indicating that El Al Israeli Airlines is installing anti-missile systems on six of its passenger jets. The million dollar system will not be installed on the entire fleet, only planes that might fly where al-Qaeda has been active.

El Al will not install the system on its entire fleet of jets, Raz said, but rather decide which planes require the expensive equipment based on intelligence and whether their destinations include areas that Al-Qaida has been active.

Israel has been way out in front in airline security. They allow pilots to carry guns and I have not heard of an attempted hijacking of one of their planes in a very long time. But they should be careful what they publish. The New York Times might pick up on this story and pretty soon the enemy will know which planes have the systems, which ones don’t, their routes, and ways to defeat the systems. The important tip-off is that the decisions will be taken based on intelligence and as soon as that buzz word is thrown around the NYT will be there to tell the world what the secrets actually are.

Read the story here.

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