Don’t Tell the Government this

Scientists have concluded that eating insects is good for us and for the environment:

But scientists claim adding insects to our diet would be good for us and the environment.

Crunching into crickets or snacking on grilled caterpillar is apparently a means to a nutrient-rich diet that also helps reduce pests and puts less strain on the planet than eating conventional meat. This is London

Mankind has eaten insects for a long time. John the Baptist enjoyed locusts and honey and insects are delicacies in many countries around the world. That does not mean however, that they are appealing to everyone. The problem here is scientists have concluded that these are good for us and good for the environment which means that insects provide two opportunities for the politicians in this country to mandate their consumption. They can claim that eating insects will make us healthy (which is not a personal responsibility) and that eating them will also be good for the environment.

I can see insects showing up in school cafeterias in order to combat the obesity problem. It would probably work because the kids would not eat. I can see it now. “Mrs. Jones, if you want the free school lunch little Johnny will have to eat the fried grasshoppers and caterpillars. Otherwise, you will have to pay for the meals.”

Instead of spending 30 cents a day to help starving kids in the world Catholic charities can feed them bugs (I know, a bug is a specific kind of insect). If it was good enough for John the Baptist it is good enough for starving Ethiopians. Besides, the scientists tell us that insects are arthropods just like crabs, shrimp and lobster. Sure, that will make them more appealing.

Rats are meat from a mammal but making that claim will not make them as delicious as a grilled steak. And anyone who has ever accidentally swallowed a bug knows how disgusting it is.

Please don’t let our government know about this study or they might just mandate insect consumption.

It is, after all, for the children and Al Gore will love the environmental benefits.

Big Dog

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One Response to “Don’t Tell the Government this”

  1. Nothing would surprise me. I do hear that you can develop a taste for anything if you eat it three times in a row and don’t throw up!

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