Don’t Muck It Up

Those were the words Obama used when he was discussing the latest jobs numbers. Obama was telling members of Congress not to muck up the wonderful job Obama is doing with the economy. The problem with all this is that Republicans are not mucking things up and the jobs numbers are once again an illusion.

The 0.2% drop from 8.5% to 8.3% is not the result of more people getting work it is the result of a continually shrinking labor pool. The Obamabots and the BLS have figured the best way to get the numbers down is to stop counting. In that light we have seen the numbers drop slightly over the past few months and those numbers have dropped because there are fewer people in the labor pool.

In order to make Obama look really good this month 1.2 MILLION more people have been knocked off the labor rolls. That is right, 1.2 MILLION people have been knocked off the rolls in one month.

Look for this trend to continue as the regime works to make it appear as if things are getting better when they are not. Keep in mind that just because these 1.2 MILLION people (who are only a small part of the total number) are no longer counted as part of the labor pool does not mean they are not people who need money and need a job. They are just people who are not counted so the numbers will look better.

The real unemployment rate is well above 10% but, as with anything involving numbers, the data can be manipulated to portray whatever is desired. Obama strung the country along for three years and now that he wants to be reelected numbers will be manipulated to make it look as if things are working.

We have 5 TRILLION dollars in new debt since this man took office. In just three years he surpassed the debt George Bush left us after eight and his policies have been complete failures. This does not even take into account the disaster we will see once Obamacare takes effect. Hell, why do you think they set it up to take place after the 2012 election?

We cannot afford four more years of Obama particularly when he will not have to worry about being reelected. He has led us down the path of ruin and if he gets four more years he will destroy us.

If we can’t get rid of him we need to ensure that the Congress is completely in the hands of the Republican party so we can do to him what Jesse Jackson wanted to do.

Yes, Barack Obama told Republicans not to muck this up. His party has failed to pass a budget in over 1000 days and Harry Reid said the Senate will not pass one this year. Another election year act of cowardice. Republicans need to tell Obama and Reid that NOTHING will be considered until a budget is passed and signed, period.

One other thing. While Obama was finger wagging about mucking things up he said:

They just need to get it done. It shouldn’t be that complicated. Now is not the time for self-inflicted wounds to our economy. Now is the time for action. Breitbart

The 2% cut Obama wants continued is the cut in Social Security that workers pay. The Social Security Ponzi scheme is in serious financial trouble and will be insolvent in a decade as politicians continue to use the money collected to expand government and drive us into bankruptcy. Cutting from the fund that is already in financial trouble is the very definition of a self inflicted wound. This will have to be addressed in the future but by then we will probably be at the point of no return with Obama demanding a 100% tax on rich people who will be defined as anyone who makes money.

We have a person with no leadership experience and a Socialist philosophy running the country into the ground.

His handlers must be proud and there is no doubt his mother and father would be proud. After all, they came from a long line of Socialists and Communists.

We need to vote this man out of office (along with the rest of the idiots in his party) or we need to have our own occupy movement, one that they definitely will not like.

Our Founders would be shooting by now…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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27 Responses to “Don’t Muck It Up”

  1. Adam says:

    “That is right, 1.2 MILLION people have been knocked off the rolls in one month.”

    Actually, that is wrong. The workforce actually grew. These are census revisions. BLS didn’t revise backwards but rather started at a new benchmark for Jan 2012. That makes it appear as if there was a 1.2 million change in one month but that is incorrect. I’ve seen this quoted on multiple blogs now but they’re all incorrect. Limbaugh stated this while claiming to read the very BLS document that talks about the census revisions. He’s a liar.

    • Big Dog says:

      The workforce did not grow. Using a new baseline does not eliminate the past. If your blood pressure is continually 140/90 it is high. Calling 140/90 your new baseline does not mean your BP is no loner high.

      Starting a new benchmark negates the reality on thew ground. We have lost more jobs than we gained (a net loss) and we have trillions in debt that was not necessary. Yes, Limbaugh is a liar while Obama, Reid and Pelosi who did not read the bills they passed and signed into law are not liars when things pop up they promised would not.

      Back to mommy’s basement for you.

      • Adam says:

        “Back to mommy’s basement for you.”

        My mom doesn’t even have a basement.

        • Big Dog says:

          Well hell, that is not an equality of outcomes. Everyone deserves a basement, tell her to call Obama so he can have one put in. Sounds like it might be a shovel ready project.

          Off topic, when did you move back down there and how far are you from Little Rock or Pine Bluff? If it is not that far perhaps we can get together for dinner next time I am down.

  2. Adam says:

    “The 0.2% drop from 8.5% to 8.3% is not the result of more people getting work it is the result of a continually shrinking labor pool.”

    Actually the workforce for Jan 2012 grew in size while the number of unemployed decreased in size. You cannot simply keep writing off every decline in unemployment rate as a shrinking labor pool. It has shrunk of course over the years due to both the recession and demographic shifts, but we’re seeing decent recovery numbers over the last few months that point to more than simply the labor force shrinking.

    • Big Dog says:

      The workforce did not grow. Dropping off all the people who stopped looking and are not counted in order to get a new baseline is not proper math and those people did not disappear. There are a lot more folks who need jobs than are counted, period.

      What next? Will we drop all people off the rolls and call it the new baseline so Obama can claim full employment?

      • Adam says:

        Clearly you didn’t read any of the sources but rather you’ll take the word of the liars you cite.

        The workforce did grow last month. You just don’t see the growth because they didn’t revise the previous months. But BLS points out in their own report that with revisions of previous months the workforce did actually grow.

        The new baseline has nothing to do with who stopped looking. Go back and read the links I posted.

        • Big Dog says:

          Why would we have a population estimate from the census when it is supposed to be an actual count and how long will it be before the numbers are revised again? They come up with pie in the sky, revise them the next month and it receives no attention. The UE rate is much higher than reported and the economy is in a mess. Couple this with Democrats who have failed to produce a budget in over 3 years and their commitment to not produce one this year and we have an out of control government that is not doing its job.

          Then again, if you say things are getting better and believe that then remember that Republicans are in charge of the House when it happened. They must be responsible…

          I remind you that inflation is here, prices are rising, things are costing more all over and people are out of work. Things are not getting better no matter how many times it claimed, it is not so.

          • Adam says:

            “Why would we have a population estimate from the census when it is supposed to be an actual count and how long will it be before the numbers are revised again?”

            The Census Bureau does more than simply the count every 10 years. It actually does the household survey and it has population changes each year that change the baselines for the survey.

            “They come up with pie in the sky, revise them the next month and it receives no attention.”

            Almost all of the BLS monthly revisions over the last few years have been upward revisions so this isn’t how Limbaugh and others have said which is that they release fudged good looking figures first then release the real ones when nobody looks. One thing that is almost always higher and revised down is the weekly initial unemployment figures. Limbaugh also has freaked out about those. It’s sad that in your world revisions of data point to conspiracy instead of a need for greater accuracy.

            “Things are not getting better no matter how many times it claimed, it is not so.”

            For every one economic measurement you list that is bad I can probably list 3 or 4 or 5 that are dramatically improved. You can continue to insist things are bad but things are actually improving all around you. You haven’t been right about anything so far.

            No hyper inflation, no double dip, no end of the world. It’s too bad too. You called Obama a failure the day he took office and you’ve put reality on ignore ever since.

            • Big Dog says:

              I said we would have inflation adn then if the policies continued we would have hyperinflation. We are in the inflationary cycle right now and if we continue many economic experts are predicting hyperinflation. I hope that does not happen but the policies are leading us there. We are in a precarious position right now and the douible dip is still a possibility because of the policies. We are nearing a point where the economy can no longer be manipulated by the fed. We were downgraded and it looks like we will be again and this time by more ratings agencies.

              I never said that the end of the world was part of the equation. Maybe you are thinking Mayan calendar or something but I never said that the end of the world would happen. I did say that if we continued it would be the ned of America as we know it.

              We are well on our way there (as I know it. You on the other hand have aways known dependence and welfare).

              Obama is a failure. He said if he could not fix it in 4 years it would be a one term proposition. He did not fix it, he needs to go.

  3. Adam says:

    “I said we would have inflation adn then if the policies continued we would have hyperinflation.”

    We have slightly above target inflation right now with no real concern for the rise. There won’t be hyperinflation.

    “We are in a precarious position right now and the douible dip is still a possibility because of the policies.”

    The only thing that will double dip us at this point would be Europe completely falling the pieces which is still a possibility. On it’s own the US is doing modestly fine with much room for improvement.

    “You on the other hand have aways known dependence and welfare…”

    And then you have to go there again just to be rude? You don’t have an argument though do you? I’ve come from poverty to become educated and successful and someone who earns big bucks in the private sector and pays a lot in taxes in return. Remind me how food stamps, pell grants and state assistance programs made me dependent on the government? We can’t all work for the government like you do.

  4. Big Dog says:

    Yes, there will be no hyperinflation because things are swimmingly well. Just ask this guy.

    We keep printing money so there will be inflation. Gas will go way up and the cost of food will rise accordingly. It is already up quite a bit over the past few years. Here is a source you like.

    As for being rude, your problem is you take things personally. I stated the truth. At your age you have never seen this country where such a huge number of people were not on welfare. I grew up well before you and while there was welfare is small doses it was not as rampant as it was after Johnson gave us the Great Welfare Sociaety.

    So yes, you have never known an America without huge sums of money spent on welfare, it is all you have ever known of this nation.

    Sorry you took it personally but since you have never known any other kind of America I can understand why you think I was attacking you instead of what you have lived in.

  5. Adam says:

    Inflation neared 0% two years ago when it’s typically between 2% and 3% going back decades. So, yes, it has gone up but what do you expect it to do?

    The same for gas prices. Oil prices do add drag to the economy but surely you didn’t expect gas to stay low forever as it was during the recession, right?

    “Sorry you took it personally…”

    My fault. You’ve ridiculed me for welfare so many times that any time you bring it up I assume you’re simply getting personal again.

    • Big Dog says:

      I think you are mistaken. I don’t ridicule you (or try not to) I ridicule your position on welfare or take off on some statement you make. I don’t want it to be personal in that regard.

  6. Adam says:

    I moved in August of last year. I wasn’t intentionally avoiding you in Delaware and I regret not finding time to get to see you since we probably weren’t more than 30 or 40 minutes from each other.

    I’m about 3.5 hours from Little Rock. While a little hard to wrangle, it wouldn’t be impossible to get together someday.

    • Adam says:

      August of 2010, that is. I keep forgetting it’s 2012.

    • Big Dog says:

      Yeah it was too bad we could not get out for lunch or something so long as you don’t mind watching me eat non vegan…

      For those reading Adam and I have met in person and have gone out to eat. We disagree politically and can be hard on each other that way but there is no animus…

    • Big Dog says:

      Perhaps when I am down there again (and it seems to be fewer and fewer times per year) we can work something out. Maybe we can find Darrell and enjoy a bite to eat.

      • Adam says:

        I’ve been having trouble meeting up with Darrell as well. I’ve been meaning to get out to see his goats but life’s busy…

        • Big Dog says:

          Don’t know why but your comment was in moderation. Approved and out there now…

          • Adam says:

            Probably because I named he who should not be named.

            • Big Dog says:

              He can be named. I think he dissed me and lied about it. He claimed to trust me not to change things (I have never changed something without a footnote to explain it) and then he copied all my stuff (my copyrighted stuff) and posted it elsewhere claiming he did it because he did not trust me. But I have no hatred for him and would not be opposed to meeting up for a meal and spirited discussion.

            • Adam says:

              I think you overreacted about the whole thing. He did to you what he does to all conservatives he argues with online but he did it before he learned to trust that you weren’t a sleazy liar that would edit posts and delete comments the way some bloggers do that he’s encountered. In private he has always spoken with respect for that aspect of your site the same way I do.

            • Big Dog says:

              Perhaps but some of the private emails I got were not flattering. He can do what he wants and he was given plenty of space here to say what he wanted. I only redacted things that were obviously vulgar (and I don’t think he was ever one who did that) so he had free reign. I even tolerated those long cut and pastes he is so fond of providing (as if pasting the words found on the Internet makes it absolutely correct). I tolerated that after I asked him not to do it. Hell, if he wanted to keep a log he could have kept a site with all his canned cut and pastes and then just linked to them.

              I wish him well. If he has something to say he can start his own blog.

  7. Ferd Berfel says:

    Bill Clinton did a similar “Number game” when he was president. “In my presidency, the number of people who earn an income under the poverty-line went from 17% to 8%!”

    And that did happen; he changed the poverty line from $23,000 to $17,000 and suddenly less people were below the poverty line.

    This is Democrats using statistics, Adam. If you such a conservative guy, so honest and hard working, why are you such a liberal loser? Is your brain broken somewhere?

    • Adam says:

      I’m no conservative, just another hard working tax paying liberal. What, you think that conservatives aren’t on welfare? You think only liberals are shiftless freeloaders? Well, I’m sure you do. Why do I even both asking?

      • Blake says:

        Most conservatives will do almost anything to keep from taking govt. handouts- its shameful, and signals that you are a person who just can’t cut it in this hard old world.
        Of course there are always exceptions to every rule, but I will shoot and eat squirrels before I take govt. money.