Don’t Monkey With Cruz’s Kids

The general rule in politics is that a politician’s children are off limits. Most politicians try to adhere to this by leaving the children of other politicians out of the political process. This means children and not young adults. You see, older teens and young adult children of politicians who campaign for their parents can and should be subject to the process. Such was the case with George Bush’s daughters who the press was eager to go after (even when they were not part of their dad’s political process). One would be hard pressed to find the same press going after Chelsea Clinton.

It is not hard to find Democrats who have gone after the young children of Republican candidates. Sarah Palin’s young son and his Down’s Syndrome were the topic of many on the left. Now we have a political cartoonist going after Ted Cruz’s young daughters because they were in one of his ads.

The two young girls were portrayed as monkeys dancing to an organ grinder (Ted Cruz). The rationale was that they were in the ad so they are fair game.

How many times have Obama’s girls been a part of his political process? Did anyone draw cartoons of them in this fashion? Hell, Obama’s kids do questionable things and if it is reported the WH demands the stories be pulled and a compliant media does as it is told.

Imagine how the liberal establishment would have acted if during one of Obama’s campaigns his daughters were depicted as little monkeys…

I think the woman responsible for the hit piece on the Cruz children does not have her own kids. Word is she aborted all of hers. Maybe we can draw a cartoon of her dead and dismembered children pleading with her for their lives as she stands there with blood soaked hands.

In any event, leave the kids alone.

And please be sure to remember this episode the next time someone tells you Trump lacks civility (thanks John Nolte).

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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