Don’t Forget To Tune In Tomorrow

Runnin\' with the Big Dogs: The True, Unvarnished Story of the Texas-Oklahoma Football Wars

Just a reminder that I will be doing my show Friday from 9-11 pm Eastern on Wide Awakes Radio. I will review the news and offer analysis of the events of the week gone by. Be sure to listen while I dissect the liberals, their lies, and their failures.

Tune in by going to Wide Awakes Radio and clicking on the microphone in the top left corner or you can click on the alternate link to listen with WinAmp (there is even a link to download the free player).**

We will also be featuring a contest where you can call the show and give me two colors for our soon to be redesigned logo. If your colors are selected, you will win a prize.

The phone number is 1-888-407-1776.

**You can also accomplish this by clicking on the drop down labeled Wide Awakes radio, in my left sidebar.

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