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Don’t be Fooled By Talk Of Raising Revenue

Democrats will talk about the fiscal cliff as if they actually care about it and then say we need to raise taxes to increase revenue. The term revenue is misleading for several reasons. First of all, revenue is income derived from business activities, usually the sale of goods to customers.

The federal government (or any level of government for that matter) does not sell goods and it does not produce anything. Therefore, government cannot gain revenue. Government extorts money from people who actually earn it and then uses that money to function. If the government used the money for only the items the Constitution authorizes then there would be few, if any, problems.

Unfortunately, government has elected itself as a big nanny over the rest of us and extorts money to pay for the nanny state. It is intent on providing cradle to grave care for people so that the elite ruling class can gain and keep power.

If the government wanted to increase “revenue” then it would lower taxes and decrease the stifling regulations that encumber business. When tax rates are lowered the amount of money that flows into the Treasury increases. This has happened each and every time tax rates have been lowered. The problems arise when all the money gained, AND THEN SOME, is spent by Congress. Like the Democrat voting process, spending is always greater than 100% of available income.

If the United States had a balanced budget and tax rates were lower the amount of money into the Treasury would increase and we could pay our bills and lower the debt which is currently at a staggering 16 TRILLION dollars.

Instead, our government will work to increase taxes. The claim is that the increases will be on the wealthy (and the definition of wealthy changes day by day) but this will not be enough to make a difference. Then, the taxes will be increased on others until everyone is taxed more and government is receiving less.

We have all seen this movie before. At no time in history have tax increases solved fiscal problems. As it is often stated, no nation has ever taxed itself into prosperity.

It is true that if you want more of something you subsidize it and if you want less of something you tax it. We subsidize the non productive and we are getting more of them. We tax the productive and we are getting fewer of them. If the government raises taxes on the alleged wealthy then those folks will work fewer hours and find other ways to keep from paying more in taxes.

This is the plan of the Democrats and the Obama regime. They want to collapse the system we have, blame it on capitalism and then impose Socialist methods on the population.

Socialism is a government design in which people are controlled. They are not free under this kind of government and they will never be free under it. Nations that have tried this form of rule have failed to thrive.

The Democrats do not want us to thrive. They want more and more people dependent on government so they can control them. One only needs to look at the elderly and the poor to see this. The elderly are continually threatened with the removal of Social Security and Medicare as a way to control them and the way they vote. The poor are continually threatened with the removal of welfare programs if they vote the wrong way. These methods are all designed to keep people enslaved to government.

And government wants more slaves.

People who truly need help should get it but those who depend on government (read the productive in society) for a living are irresponsible parasites that lack integrity and personal responsibility.

The best way to resolve this is to lower taxes, reduce regulatory burdens and let the private market take care of things. Put people to work and force people who live off others to go out and earn a living. That builds self esteem and pride.

Two things sorely lacking from those in the dependent class.

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