Donks Want Help In Washington State Election

I got an email from Chris Gregoire the democratic candidate for the Governorship of Washington State. Really, it was from the DNC with her name at the bottom. She contends that out of all the votes cast, only 42 separate her and her opponent. She is not in the lead. There are reportedly thousands of votes around the state that have not been counted but she says she only needs 42 more and she can win. Perhaps she will ask that they stop the recount if and when she gains the lead. The real issue is that the person who requests the recount has to pay for it and it will cost about $750K. They are asking for donations, of course.

I do not blame her for asking for the recount. She only lost by 42 votes and there could be an error worth that many. I have a real problem with them asking for money. The DNC raised a record amount of money this election cycle and still have a lot of it left. Over at Blogs for Bush Matt Margolis posted a story that the DNC has raised $10 million since the election. Why don’t they use that money and stop hawking for more. It seems that the donks want to take your money any way they can. Through pandering or taxes, it does not matter to them.

I think if people are stupid enough to send in the money then they should just go ahead and do it. If they are not bright enough to see that the DNC has a lot of money and continues to raise it then they should go ahead and give their Christmas money to them. Shoot, the donks do not like the idea of Christmas anyway so they might as well blow their money on this BS.

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