Donald Trump Was Right

Whether you like him or not Donald trump says what is on his mind and many of the things he says are on the minds of a lot of others who do not have the platform he has to express those views. The little guy is ignored by elected officials and the media.

Trump is not ignored.

Earlier in this long campaign Trump made some comments about ILLEGAL immigrants from Mexico (though it applies to illegals no matter where they originate). It is important to emphasize that he was speaking about ILLEGALS.

It is true that many of those who are coming here ILLEGALLY are not good people. They have broken the law to get here and many keep right on breaking our laws. We now have huge numbers of gang members who are here illegally and who do horrific things.

We also have people who come here and live like they are still in their nation of origin. They rape, murder, steal and goodness knows what else as if the laws do not apply to them.

Considering they are virtually allowed to break the law to get here and are encouraged to do so perhaps the laws do not apply…

In Texas two ILLEGAL immigrants are being held for the murder of two other ILLEGALS. Police took the two into custody after a car fire where firefighters discovered two bodies in the trunk of the car. The dead had been shot in the head someplace else and then driven to the site where the car was torched.

I guess the only bright spot is that they murdered other ILLEGALS and not American citizens as is usually the case.

Morons like Geraldo Rivera tell us the status of the criminal is of no concern because crimes get committed each and every day and it is no worse than if the people were victims of citizen criminals.

Yes, crimes are committed all the time. But if we were to stop people from coming here illegally then we could reduce the number of crimes committed. Our lax immigration policies have led to increased criminal activity in this nation and fueled the rise of violent gangs.

Because there is other crime committed by citizens is no reason not to stop illegals from coming here and adding to the problem.

That is like saying that the victims were going to die someday anyway so what does it matter that they were murdered?

We need to get a handle on the illegal immigration policy and we also need to put a stop to the lunacy of bringing a bunch of refugees here.

Those ranks will be filled with people who hate us and want to do us harm. Those people will come here and want to impose their system on us (a majority of Muslims already want to replace the Constitution with Sharia Law).

The only thing more insane than ignoring (and even encouraging) illegal immigration is actively importing people who will not be a benefit to the country and likely do us harm.

Send them all to the Vatican. Let the Pope practice what he preaches…

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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