Don’t Let Facts Get in the Way Little Moonbat

Meatbrain has not been to my site (well at least he has not commented here) in quite some time. For those of you unfamiliar with him, he is a left wing lunatic who finds fault with everything and his only method of debating is to demand proof of something and then call people a liar. I recently wrote a post about leaving Iran alone and Meathead took issue with it. He wrote a post at his site asking that I answer 3 questions. I am not going to answer them in his comments because no matter what I write he will call me a liar and then things go down hill from there. I will answer the 3 questions here so that they are put forth without all the drama associated with his site. He can either read it here or he can just sit in his mother’s basement eating Hot Pockets and drinking Mountain Dew. Those who do not know him (I do not link to his site) just think of the annoying gnat named Billy Joe and you will know Meathead. The only difference is that, at least, BJ made good arguments sometimes no matter how wrong he was. However, Meathead is just as annoying and degrading.

Q: Who in the intelligence community, specifically and by name, has indicated that Iran does not pose a threat?

A: I cannot answer the question as it is posed because it asks for the name of one person. The National Intelligence Estimate was prepared by a number of people and the press release on it was written by Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence Dr. Donald M. Kerr. The NIE is comprised of information provided by many intelligence analysts so naming one specific person is something I cannot do. The question also takes the original post out of context. I was writing about nuclear weapons and said “Basically, according to the intelligence community, Iran does not pose a threat.” The logical conclusion of the statement is …to make nuclear weapons (and I indicated they might later but not now). The report states that Iran has not been working on nuclear weapons since 2003 (emphasis should focus on the fact that they were prior to that despite their denials) and that they have not since then and there is no indication they will but if they do it will be well into the next decade (well into the next president’s watch).

UPDATE: I found this while searching for something else:

They are Tom Fingar, formerly of the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research; Vann Van Diepen, the National Intelligence Officer for WMD; and Kenneth Brill, the former U.S. Ambassador to the International Atomic Energy Agency.

I have already shown that the report indicates they are no threat “to build nuclear weapons.” That is what the subject is about.

Q: In what previous NIE (National Intelligence Estimate) report did “the intelligence community” state unequivocally that Iran was developing nuclear weapons?

A: I never stated that the intelligence community stated anything unequivocally. Check the post and see if the word is even in there. The exact quote is “Never mind the fact that this is the same intelligence community that said Iran was working on nukes…” From the November 2007 NIE; “We assess with high confidence that until fall 2003, Iranian military entities were working under government direction to develop nuclear weapons.” This is also is pointed out in the key differences between the previous NIE and this one in the summation. United for Peace also questions the differences by stating; ” The assessment does not explain — unless it is addressed in more than 130 pages still marked classified — how the May 2005 conclusion that Iran was still pressing ahead with a nuclear weapons program went awry.” Therefore, the May 2005 NIE stated that Iran was working on developing nuclear weapons. Since the 2005 report has not been declassified I cannot cite it directly.

Q: How do you reconcile your claim that the intelligence community “missed 9/11 completely” with the fact that the August 6, 2001, Presidential Daily Briefing, which was titled “Bin Laden determined to strike in US”, specifically noted that Osama bin Laden intended to conduct terrorist attacks on U.S. cities, that members of his Al Qaeda operatives had traveled to or lived in the U.S. for years, that bin Laden had previously expressed a desire to hijack an American aircraft, and that “FBI information since that time indicate[d] patterns of suspicious activity in this country consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York”?

A: First of all, the PDB which you cite does indeed have that title and the information contained after the title is old news that had been passed from the previous president. It was the ongoing stuff and if you look it clearly indicates that the information is from as far back as 1997 and it was prepared because Bush had been briefed about the desire of OBL to attack inside the US. Bush wanted to know if we had any new information. This was the historical portion. What the briefing did not say is that bin Ladin was an imminent threat. Specifically, the PDB stated “The only recent information concerning possible current activities in the PDB related to two incidents. There is no information that either incident was related to the 9-11 attacks.” The only recent information was about two possible activities. The PDB does not give any information that indicates an attack was imminent. The entire PDB has not been released but the fact sheet on it summarizes the information. The report does not address all the items you outline in the question and many of them are suppositions since the entire report has not been released (the 1998 PDB to Clinton did. More on that later).

Now for my assertion that the intelligence community missed 9/11 completely. It has already been established that the PDB had no information regarding imminent attacks on 9/11 or any other date. The information citing intelligence failures comes from the 9/11 Commission Report. This report is the Bible all libtards hold up when they claim the President was totally at fault despite the fact the report lays blame in a number of directions and reaches back prior to the Bush administration and to the Congress:

Commission Chairman Thomas H. Kean says the report cites government wide “failure of policy, management, capability and, above all, failure of imagination,” but not government neglect. Fault is spread broadly: The intelligence community is harshly chastised but so is Congress for poor oversight of intelligence collection. Chemical and Engineering News

I realize that it is inherent in the design of moonbats to hate President Bush and blame everything on him. Meathead would have you believe that the intelligence community reported the late breaking news that bin Ladin hated us and was planning something and we are supposed to believe that the inaction of the president was the problem. If we were to take that at face value then we would have to blame President Clinton first. This is from his PDB in 1998:

The following is the text of an item from the Presidential Daily Brief received by President William J. Clinton on December 4, 1998. Redacted material is indicated in brackets.
SUBJECT: Bin Ladin Preparing to Hijack US Aircraft and Other Attacks

1. Reporting [—] suggests Bin Ladin and his allies are preparing for attacks in the US, including an aircraft hijacking to obtain the release of Shaykh ‘Umar ‘Abd al-Rahman, Ramzi Yousef, and Muhammad Sadiq ‘Awda. One source quoted a senior member of the Gama’at al-Islamiyya (IG) saying that, as of late October, the IG had completed planning for RESPONSES TO AL QAEDA’S INITIAL ASSAULTS 129 an operation in the US on behalf of Bin Ladin, but that the operation was on hold. A senior Bin Ladin operative from Saudi Arabia was to visit IG counterparts in the US soon thereafter to discuss options—perhaps including an aircraft hijacking.

• IG leader Islambuli in late September was planning to hijack a US airliner during the “next couple of weeks” to free ‘Abd al- Rahman and the other prisoners, according to what may be a different source.
• The same source late last month said that Bin Ladin might implement plans to hijack US aircraft before the beginning of Ramadan on 20 December and that two members of the operational team had evaded security checks during a recent trial run at an unidentified New York airport. [—]

2. Some members of the Bin Ladin network have received hijack training, according to various sources,but no group directly tied to Bin Ladin’s al-Qa’ida organization has ever carried out an aircraft hijacking.Bin Ladin could be weighing other types of operations against US aircraft.According to [—] the IG in October obtained SA-7 missiles and intended to move them from Yemen into Saudi Arabia to shoot down an Egyptian plane or, if unsuccessful, a US military or civilian aircraft.

• A [—] in October told us that unspecified “extremist elements” in Yemen had acquired SA-7s. [—]

3. [—] indicate the Bin Ladin organization or its allies are moving closer to implementing anti-US attacks at unspecified locations, but we do not know whether they are related to attacks on aircraft. A Bin Ladin associate in Sudan late last month told a colleague in Kandahar that he had shipped a group of containers to Afghanistan. Bin Ladin associates also talked about the movement of containers to Afghanistan before the East Africa bombings.

• In other [—] Bin Ladin associates last month discussed picking up a package in Malaysia. One told his colleague in Malaysia that “they” were in the “ninth month [of pregnancy].”

• An alleged Bin Ladin supporter in Yemen late last month remarked to his mother that he planned to work in “commerce” from abroad and said his impending “marriage,” which would take place soon,would be a “surprise.”“Commerce” and “marriage” often are codewords for terrorist attacks. [—] [Pages 128 and 129 of the 911 Commission Report]

Notice how much this PDB from 1998 looks like the one Bush received in 2001? As I stated earlier, the Bush PDB was a rehash of old material. However, this begs the question, if moonbats hold Bush accountable for 9/11 based on the 2001 PDB why do they not hold Clinton accountable for not acting on the same (and in some cases more detailed) information? The Clinton 1998 PDB actually said that it was going to happen in a couple of weeks so it was certainly imminent at that time. I would not hold my breath waiting for Meathead or any other moonbat to lay the same blame on Clinton that they have been laying on Bush.

In any event, I answered the questions and they are well sourced. This will not stop Meathead from calling me a liar, demanding facts and generally smearing me in his comment section. This is all I am going to say with regard to addressing him though I welcome comments and will respond in kind. I answered the questions so that readers who followed his trackback (but don’t waste your time) would know that I did not ignore him and that I had the facts in the case, so to speak.

Big Dog

BTW: If you are unfortunate enough to end up at Meathead’s site, there is a commenter named Dan. He wrote an ignorant comment posing as me until Meathead changed it. Dan also accuses me of threatening to get my military buddies to track him down when I was on WAR. I never said that and he is lying about it. I never threatened this guy on the air and I do not recall saying I would get anyone to track him down. It would not be worth my time or anyone else’s. I will give credit to Meathead for writing that the comment did not come from me and asking Dan to comment under his own name.

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9 Responses to “Don’t Let Facts Get in the Way Little Moonbat”

  1. irtexas44 says:


    Seems to me this Meathead person is having a personnal issue. Maybe he lost his security blankey and isn’t handling it well. It’s just so hard to tell with libturds. Maybe he is just out of his meds. Hopefully he will get some help. We can only hope.

  2. BD: Came on to see how you responded to Meaty’s manipulations, cherry picking and questions that show he has no reading comprehension. All I can say is… outstanding. :-) When one decides to dive into the cesspool of what he considers to be a blog, one can’t help but notice the absence of any articulations that offer a positive presentation of his beliefs and facts those beliefs are based on. Instead he cherry picks from conservative blogs what others write, rearranges and takes things out of context and goes about the business of “spewing his venom of intense hatred for conservative thinking humanity”. He makes no contributions to rational thinking. Just attacks people (some are only teenagers!) with name calling and ranting. All I can say is, he must be one of the most miserable people on the planet and anyone who likes reads his spewing is pretty much in that camp. It’s more positive to just not go there.
    Wonderful post Big Dog. Once again you demonstrate the highest standards and sanity behind your words.

  3. Big Dog says:

    Thanks for the very kind words.
    I don’t engage Meathead any more because if I want the “I know you are but what am I” approach I will go to a kindergarten and argue with the children. His contention was that when confronted we run, hide or get out of sorts. I think I clearly answered his distorted questions.

    IR, I think you are right on the money with you observation…

  4. ThinkingMeat says:

    Big Dog’s pitiful response…

    Poor Big Dog… he tried, he really did. Alas, he managed only one out of three. And — of course — he had to lie along the way.

    Yesterday I challenged Big Dog to answer a few simple questions about his recent screed about Iran and th…

  5. Big Dog says:

    Just as I predicted, Meathead said that what I wrote was not sufficient and did not answer his questions. Because I do not know the names of the people who wrote the NIE he seems to think that my answer is invalid. I updated the post to show who they were (I found it looking for something else).

    I think anyone who understands English knows what my post meant so Meathead can parse words all he wants but the fact is he is an idiot who cannot understand basic English.

    I also want to point out that the idiot continues to cling to the 2001 PDB as if it were breaking news despite the fact that I pointed out, and provided the text, of the 1998 PDB that included the same information. It was old news and Meathead is an idiot because he cannot understand that.

    Let me explain Meathead, he is a lonely idiot who has few visitors to his pathetic website so he attacks people’s views in hope that they will visit him and leave comments. I ignore him for the most part and will not comment at his site. He took portions of my response and he parsed the words in Clintoesque fashion to rewrite history.

    Meathead is the kind of person that makes others wish birth control were retroactive.

  6. Cao says:

    I think most folks have come to the conclusion that engaging him in any way is a mistake since he’s so far beyond reasoned rational thinking that it’s like beating your head against the wall.

    Great post.

  7. Robert says:

    LOL, BD, I think ol meaty is causing you to waste a large amount of your time, unless you enjoy proving everything to that degree it is really not worth it IMO.

    A person like Meaty is tough enough to call folks liars as long as he is safe in mommy’s basement, but I’d venture to bet he’d never call anyone a liar to their face, he hasn’t got the heart.
    The penis wrinkle that meaty is really isn’t worth your time my friend.

  8. irtexas44 says:


    I’m looking at Robert’s last line. Maybe it that envy thing.

    I used to deal with people like him. I got the heavy volumn problem folks. They all suffer the same illness. “I am all important no one anyone else matters and you will do what I tell you too.” Yeah, OK Sparky hang on to that thought. If they decided to scream in my ear they got to go on hold and I would check back and ask if they were ready to talk to me and if they started screaming again I told them that I guess they weren’t ready to talk to me and put them back on hold. These calls were all over a cell phone that they of course never used and was shut off for non payment or credit limits. In all these years I have not understood having one of those things attached to your ear. I am willing to bet that Meaty has one attached to him. I used to love when they would tell me that I couldn’t hang up on them because they paid my salary. Again, Sparky I’m sitting here with my finger on the disconnect button. As a supervisior I could get the same customer any amount of times in one shift. When they kept getting me and knew they were not going to get anyone else they would finally either calm down or not call back. I would also bet I’ve talked to Meaty. He fits the profile. Oh that’s right we can’t profile. Oh well. I would bet also that he’s on a lot of lists of “High volumn, problem caller”. He is just a waste of space. Not even worth your time. In a previous life I would have just cuffed him put him in a nice warm cell with Bubba and Tiny and told him to have a nice day. Then I was on my merry little way. Thank goodness you don’t have to waste any breath on him.

  9. ThinkingMeat says:

    UPDATE: Big Dog’s pitiful response…

    Let’s look at the latest drool from Big Dog, as he attempts to rescue the pathetic shreds of his credibility……