Does This Make You Think They Lied in 2000?

The democrats have been crying since the 2000 election that they had people who were disenfranchised (though most that supposedly were did not know the meaning of the word until then) and that they were intimidated. Jessie Jackson, the role model for young black men who impregnate women to whom they are not married, was leading the march. There were police cars so people felt scared. The republicans intimidated them. They took all the criminals off the voting rolls. We heard it all through those painful weeks of recounting and hanging chads.
Though no investigation has found any evidence that any of this occurred the democrats have harped on this subject for the last four years.
Now we have a new election and they are not happy that their man is not doing as well as they had expected. So the DNC has published a 66 page booklet showing their base how to claim voter intimidation EVEN IF IT DOES NOT EXIST!
This is a page directed at Colorado:

Folks, this takes away any credibility they might have had. They are so desperate to win they are telling their base to lie about voter intimidation. They are admitting that they can not win a fair election so they are showing people how to lie to skew the election and disrupt the election process.

The only way to keep this from happening is to get out and vote. We need to win by such a big margin they can not possibly cry foul. Get out and vote and take all your friends with you. Do not let the cry babies lie about this election and discredit the process that has stood the test of time.

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