Does Kim Jong Il Have A Size Problem?

The leader of North Korea, a little troll who thinks he is a gift to the world, has been stirring the pot again. His country test fired 7 missiles this week. The missiles have interesting names and they all end in DONG. The long range missile is the Taepodong-2 (does that make it a long-dong?).

I believe that the troll, Kim Jong Il, has an inferiority problem. He probably has a “little” problem that he wants to compensate for so he uses his dongs to stir up trouble. Unfortunately for Il, his Taepodong-2 lasted only 50 seconds before it, petered-out, so to speak. It appears that Il is not the only thing in North Korea with a performance problem. The rest of the world is not too amused at this little pathetic man’s antics and he might just end up with sanctions, oooooh look out the UN will be involved. The sanctions will probably be light because those stellar countries Russia and China want to go soft on Il, something he can relate to. I hope that if a test missile goes awry, it lands in one of those two places. That might knock some sense into them.

As for Il and his tests. How embarrassing was it for a man to make so much noise about his wonderful missiles only to have them fail miserably? Even though Il was warned by nearly every country not to test the missiles (which he promised not to do years ago) it is probably a good thing that he did because it shows just how impotent he really is. It is good to see the shortcomings of a man like this.

Il is really a delusional, pathetic man. He claims to have shot 11 aces in his first game of golf. Does anyone believe that a man with missile performance problems could actually get in a “hole” in one shot, even one time much less 11? Here is my non-UN solution for this imp in the event one of his erectile dysfunctional missiles comes our way. We level the place, wipe out the Army and then give the country to South Korea so they can make it prosperous. Whoever survives will be happy for the chance.

Source: My Way News

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2 Responses to “Does Kim Jong Il Have A Size Problem?”

  1. Mac says:

    The only problem I see is that the missiles cleared their launch pads. I’m not intel, but it seems that a failure: would be that it blew up on the pad. My gut instinct is that they were detonated by the NKs themselves to prevent full assessment of their capabilities.
    The Deer Leader (as in deer in the headlights) is a complete Jackass. He let his people starve in order to get his little new toy nukes. Now he’s trying to develop ICBMs to give himself a credible threat to the whole world.
    Lets cause some Nuclear Parity. GIVE South Korea about 30 multi-megaton nuclear bombs. Here is your New Years present. Oh and get our Soldiers the hell out of there. Current draw down moves most of 2nd ID out of Korea. Most of the base closures and unit movements are pulling away from the DMZ and moving down to Wahgon and Taegue areas.

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