Does Kerry Even Realize That People Will Look It Up?

Democratic presidential hopeful John Kerry has a real issue with telling the truth. This is not a revelation to those of us who actually pay attention to what is going on in the world. The thing is, I am beginning to doubt the man’s sanity. Does he deliberately lie to us or does he just not remember what took place. It would seem to me that if you are on the public stage and you know you will be under a microscope then you had better get things straight before you open your mouth.

Well, big John did it again. He stepped on it with golf shoes. He finally decided to answer the charges about his flip-flop on the $87 Billion vote. The problem is he is totally wrong in his explanation. As shown here at George Bush’s Web Site John Kerry stated it was late in the day and he was tired when he misspoke. The trouble is, it was noon time when he made the statement.

So now we have John Kerry trying to justify not supporting our troops with a lie. I can understand John trying to sweep this away with a lie if it was 50 years ago. There was not a lot of mass media and in all likelihood the quote would not have been recorded. But in this day and age of modern technology, with people being recorded doing everything, how in the name of God did he think he would get away with telling a lie.

George Washington this guy is not. If I had never seen him I would think he is not to bright and this is the reason. Having seen him on television I can say he appears to be an intelligent man. Therefore, I have to conclude that he is so pompous and arrogant that he feels he can get away with whatever he pleases. He is above the mere peons so they should take his word as Gospel just like we were suppose to with the Vietnam stuff.

Right, John.

Well, you look at it and see. Folks, with John Kerry we don’t need to make things up. He supplies us with all we need to make our case.

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