Does Kentucky Derby Reflect Democratic Race?

The 134th Kentucky Derby ran this afternoon at Churchhill Downs and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton placed wagers on the race (or at least they picked horses in it). As one might expect, Hillary picked the only female in the race but Obama did not select Big Brown opting instead for Colonel John (perhaps he was trying to get some military creds).

From the Courier Journal:

• Barack Obama has picked Colonel John to win the Kentucky Derby. He picked Pyro to place and Big Brown to show.

• Yesterday Hillary Clinton said she was betting on the filly, Eight Belles, to win, place and show.

• Neil Walkoff, the assistant general manager for Casears Indiana casino, is putting his money on Pyro to win.

Obama was wrong and his pick seems to show that he thought the Big Brown horse could not win while Hillary banked on the only “woman” in the field (her bet was across the board so she gets paid if it finished in one of the top three spots).

Do the results of the race show the future of the Democratic nomination? The Big Brown horse won and the filly (Eight Belles) came in second. That would seem to be a good omen for Obama and a bad one for Hillary though Hillary’s horse paid more to place and show than Big Brown did on Obama’s show bet.

An even worse omen for Clinton is that the filly broke both of her front legs in the race and had to be euthanized right on the track.

Sounds like that could be the Democratic convention. The Big Brown one wins and the filly comes in second and the party has to put her down…

BTW, I won on the race. I had Big Brown across the board and I had him with Eight Belles in the exacta.

Big Dog

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