Does Jack’s Character Matter?

For some time now, a small group of people have been writing about the plight of Jack Idema and his men. The story has been told and Cao has a wealth of information at her site. Unfortunately, there are people in the blogosphere who insist on attacking the people who are telling the story. They make claims that they know Jack and they have been there with him. These might be true, I don’t know, nor do I care. The fact is, if you have a story to tell then tell it. If you disagree with the items others are writing then write a rebuttal. The idea is to present information with references and resources to back up any claims made.

I have witnessed this attack and have, to a very small degree been a target. I do not care because I do what I feel is right and if people want to attack me for it then so be it. I would much prefer that cogent arguments be presented to make a case against what I believe. I have never met Jack Idema and would not know him if I bumped into him on the street. From what i have read he has a dark past and prefers to use the legal system quite extensively to sue those with whom he disagrees. He has had at least one failed business venture and has been convicted of a crime and served jail time.

Having said all that let me say this. I do not care what his past is or how big of an SOB he is. I believe that he is being held illegally in Afghanistan and no one has shown evidence to prove otherwise. If there were irrefutable evidence that he deserved to be held as a convicted criminal then I would believe that he got what he deserved. The fact, as I understand it, is that he was found not guilty of the items with which he was charged and should have been set free. Unfortunately, several US agencies appear to be behind his continued detainment. This is wrong and he needs to be released to come back to this country where he belongs.

As I stated, I do not know him or the men who are being held with him. I have no idea whether or not i would like him if I did meet him but none of this matters to me because every American citizen deserves to be treated fairly. This country spends a great deal of time worrying about terror suspects be held for long periods and the left cries about their civil rights yet when an American citizen is held illegally in another country they become apathetic. The whole idea behind the free Jack campaign is to get him free. I do not care if he orchestrated it or if this was another’s idea. The important thing is that we look out for one of our own.

I would feel this way about any American held illegally and especially any American who was found not guilty. It is not a matter of a political agenda or buying into the Jack Idema mystique. I am not concerned about any lies he has been alleged to have told. My sole focus is to bring this topic to light so more people are aware of the situation and help to get an American being held illegally back home where he belongs.

Like him, hate him or be indifferent about him but in my mind, getting him home is the right thing to do.

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One Response to “Does Jack’s Character Matter?”

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