Does It Matter, A Confirmation Poem

The questioning of Sam Alito starts today and the left is loaded for bear. They are going to go all out to derail this nomination but in the end he will be confirmed. So the question is, does it really matter? I thought I would answer that in a poem.

To confirm or not to confirm
that is the question at hand
For judge Sam Alito
Bush’s chosen man

But the Democrats from the left
are all set to fight
They will do anything my friend
to stop a nominee from the right

There are a lot of things to consider
despite the Democrat’s distortion
That the only thing that matters
is the “right” to an abortion

War on terror, wire taps
and what about the leaks?
Instead they’ll focus on abortion
for what seems like weeks, and weeks

They’ll do anything to drag this good man’s name
through the DC mud
They’re desperate because they never win
so now they’re out for blood

Minority party can never win
the votes they can not muster
So they talk about stopping this man
by using a filibuster

That would be a big mistake
because if they defer
And resort to that option
the right goes nuclear

But ask your questions, play your games
better do it with reflection
Or you won’t have your seats
after this year’s election

Impotent, that’s the word
to describe Senate Democrats
They really have no power
those hapless moon bats

So let them waste their time
talking about the “right” to abort
Cause’ when all is said and all is done
he’ll still get on the Court

Unless some Earth shattering event happens, Samuel Alito will replace Sandra Day O’swing-vote. The left will look like fools and America will be much better off.

Feel free to add lines.

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