Does Anyone Think Teddy Should Resign?

Ted Kennedy made a big deal out of nothing when he went on a tirade about Samuel Alito’s membership in an organization that reportedly did not allow women and did not want to allow women or minorities in Princeton. Kennedy got on his high horse and he demanded records and he threatened the chairman and he went on and on. When those records arrived they showed absolutely nothing to support the boozer’s claim that Alito was a racist and part of an organization that discriminated. The boozer just ignored the facts and continued to tell America that Alito should not be on the Supreme Court. You see, Teddy and his buds found this information about Alito to be disturbing. That is the word they used many times. They all wanted Americans to believe that Alito should not make it to the court because of their concerns about his involvement. So the question is, since we now know that Teddy the boozer belonged to, and was an active member of, the Owl club at Harvard, should he have to leave his job?

Ted told us it should trouble Americans that Alito belonged to CAP. He told us these things made it difficult to vote for him even though there was no evidence that Alito was active in the group. Teddy however, paid his dues regularly. He even told us he did not belong but paid dues (how is that for stupidity). Teddy thinks people are stupid and he can go back to the days when a politician could say anything and deny it or say you were misquoted. Trouble today is the instant access of the news and Internet. People everywhere know what you said and how you meant it. There is no denying though Teddy still tries. These are not the days when you can cover up a murder and get away with it. But Teddy does not understand and the fact that he chastised Judge Alito for something that Teddy himself is actively involved in means he should be removed from office.

Now of course, Ted is telling us he needs to quit the organization as fast as possible. I wonder if Sam Alito still belonged to CAP and told Teddy that he would quit as fast as possible would that have flown or would Teddy brand him as a racist and sexist and vote against him. We all know the answer so Ted deserves no less than he would be willing to give. Let us call for this bloviating bag of wind to resign.


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