Do They Have The Appetite For The Consequence?

Valerie Jarrett, the despicable cretin who is the voice of evil in Obama’s ear made an interesting statement where she claimed Americans are hungry for Obama to do things on his own when Congress will not act (or will not do what Obama wants).

The only people hungry for him to act that way are in the minority. There are some liberals who will say Obama needs to do this because he can’t get it otherwise and he is so great and all. These would be the same people who called Bush a cowboy and King George because they felt he exceeded his power.

The other groups that want this are those who will benefit from Obama’s lawlessness like illegal aliens. They want him to ignore the law just like they did because it will help them.

Jarrett continues by telling us Obama will do more of this, she says within his executive power, (which means he will break the law and say he has the authority to do what he did) because people want it.

In poll after poll the majority does not want this to take place. They certainly do not want this illegal immigrant action and they most assuredly do not want it done by executive action.

She is wrong. More precisely she is lying.

The article says that Jarrett believes Americans are hungry for Obama to act like an imperial president.

Jarrett is incorrect but let us assume that most people are hungry for this.

The question I have is while they might be hungry for Obama to act like an imperial president do they have the appetite for the rest of us to act like Revolutionary Citizens?

We got rid of one imperial despot and we can do the same with another (it is our duty to do so). So be careful what you wish for Valerie.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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One Response to “Do They Have The Appetite For The Consequence?”

  1. Barbara says:

    Valerie is apparently a Terrorist among us. She being Islamic, is a very Evil Muslim and booty buddy with Anti America Michelle Obama, a Tranny. The WH has turned into Islam loving house, and houses the first man as a first lady. Morals have went to shit. Lies, deception, and communism. Revolution, is long overdue.