Do the Race Baiters Want Obama to Win?

Al Sharpton, the anti Semite, race baiter has certainly endorsed Barack Obama (at least by his actions) and Obama was proud to stand with the man despite his history of racial divisiveness, riots leading to murder and lies. Additionally, Jesse Jackson is supporting Obama. Though Jackson waited, I saw a picture of him with an Obama sign and after Bill Clinton’s jab at him in South Carolina, support for Obama was inevitable.

The question is, do they really want him to win? Sure they are supporting him but that can’t hold much weight. Obama was already doing well with blacks and he is holding his own with some of the white demographics. The presence of Sharpton and Jackson, depending on how involved they get, could hurt him. Maybe that is the plan.

The whole existence of these two involves race baiting. They go around extorting money from companies with trumped up discrimination charges and they have made a fortune by portraying the blacks as victims of the white society. I am not suggesting that racism does not exist because it does and it comes in all colors. Jackson and Sharpton are two huge racists. However, the country is not anywhere near the way they like to portray it and blacks generally have many opportunities. The biggest limit to the success of blacks is their dependence on the Democratic Party, a group that treats them as if they are not capable of making it without government intervention. There are many successful blacks who owe nothing to government programs. Their biggest chance for success came from the two parents they had in their houses, something that is sadly missing from over 50% of black households.

I believe that an Obama presidency would negate many of the arguments that the race baiters make when they decry the racist whites who are oppressing. How can they possibly make a claim that a black person does not get the same chances as a white person if the president is a black man? An Obama presidency would lay to rest many of the bogus arguments they use to extort money and to fatten their personal bank accounts.

America is certainly ready for a black or a woman to be president. We are just not ready for this black or that woman to be president and it has nothing to do with race or sex. It might just be in the best interests of the race baiting poverty pimps to derail Obama before he screws up their scheme.

A loss might actually reinforce their claims and fit better into their agendas, especially if the convention is brokered and Obama is not selected. That would allow the race baiters to claim discrimination and say that America is a racist country where white people keep blacks down.

I would not be surprised if that is not their actual agenda.

Big Dog

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2 Responses to “Do the Race Baiters Want Obama to Win?”

  1. David M says:

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  2. Obama can and is winning without Jesse Jackson and Sharpton. And I hope that desperate Billary is eliminated REAL soon…