DNC; First Night Observations

The Democrats are having their love fest in Denver and it was officially kicked off Monday afternoon. I have a few observations from the first night.

The Democrats theme is a Town Hall America. This is interesting since The One has refused to debate John McCain in a town hall format.

Nancy Pelosi looks like her last face lift was too tight and if they cut the know she would have to pull down her socks to see. She was either chewing gum or a candy or her dentures were loose because she kept making a funny face as if she were sucking a hard candy or adjusting her teeth. She lied to America (surprise) by telling them that Democrats have accomplished so much when in fact they have done less than any other Congress. The major accomplishment was a hike in the minimum wage which she forgot to mention was tacked onto a war funding bill or it would not have passed. She also stated about four things that Obama got right and McCain got wrong like the war. She failed to mention that Obama has voted for every war funding bill presented.

The other theme was how Obambi was a poor kid who grew up in the American dream. His sister praised Obama and his momma and how great she was to him. I guess that was before she abandoned him.

The speakers keep telling the audience how Obama was responsible for ethics legislation. There is no other legislation mentioned. They have said that John McCain is out of touch because he has been in DC for too long (no mention of Biden’s out of touchness). I heard them tell me how Obama has reached across the aisle (a lie) and how he is what America needs. I also heard them say that Obama understands the economic woes of America while John McCain said our economy is fundamentally sound. Then they said that their towns and cities and states are not doing well. All states run by Democrats, no wonder they are not doing well. Maybe that minimum wage hike is causing some of the problems.

Ted Kennedy showed up (which means he can get his butt back to work in the Senate when it reconvenes). It was an emotional (for the Dems) event as they all cried when he spoke. For me it was hard to tell the guy had a brain tumor because he sounded just as moronic as he did 20 years ago. The tribute that they gave him talked about integrity and doing the right thing but failed to mention that he killed a woman by abandoning her after he drove her into a body of water. They lavished praise upon him, I just wished he had left the Senate decades ago.

Michelle Obama, as has been the theme tonight, is talking about Obama’s upbringing and how wonderful their values are, how he always tells the truth and blah, blah. A lot like the Edwards’ Two Americas son of a mill worker blah, blah speech. It is a bunch of bunk. It is all how poor people depended on Barack who did not go to Wall Street (because no one wanted him) and how he was an organizer, blah, blah. Of course, it is all about the children and how Martin Luther King Jr would be proud. He was a Republican.

They invoked Go a lot and they talked about how much they love the military without telling us they do not support the military.

Of course there was the obligatory slam with Hurricane Katrina. Bush didn’t do anything, blah, blah. They did not tell people that a Democratic Mayor and a Democratic Governor failed the people and that liberalism led people to wander around aimlessly because they did not know how to take care of themselves.

It was pretty much a love fest and it was a pack of lies sprinkled with fell good sprinkles. It was full of the same promises that they have made during every other convention and have failed to bring to fruition.

It will be a long week of this prolonged circle jerk. The only good thing that would happen if he wins is after four years of failure we will come back stronger and we will be able to show liberalism for the failure that it is. Until then we need to find ways to hide our money so they can’t take more of it…

But I think John McCain will win.

Big Dog

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