I watched some of the witnesses testify before the confirmation hearing panel earlier today. I was quite interested in how the people who were against the nomination of Samuel Alito presented their arguments. There was a gentleman from the Legal Defense Fund and he said that Judge Alito ruled against civil rights and that he ruled against minorities more often than not. This is an argument in itself because depending upon whose numbers you believe, this is not true. Be that as it may, the man continued that Alito is not for diversity and that he does not believe in such a principle. This guy then made a statement that the LDF only represents blacks when they have a civil rights issue.

So how can this man be qualified to discuss diversity and the application of civil rights? His organization will only represent one kind of person. I don’t know if the statement he made is true but he said it so I will take him at his word that he knows what his organization does. To say Alito is not diverse when the LDF is clearly not diverse makes it tough to give credence to the argument he is making.

One of the folks made a statement about affirmative action. He indicated that Alito was against affirmative action and had made the statement that no one would honor Hank Aaron as a great all time home run hitter if they moved the fence in every time he came to bat. The person said that Alito had it wrong fundamentally in that affirmative action only asks that they be allowed on the playing field. I have to differ with the gentleman and say that people are already allowed on the playing field. Affirmative action is a process that moves the fences in. When we set different standards or have quotas then we are moving the fences in for people who are already on the field. The analogy that Alito made is right on the money.

It is unique to see how people address this issue. The donks said they would wait until the end to decide and Leahy indicates they are not ready to vote but almost everyone of them read from prepared statements indicating that it would be difficult to vote for Alito. If they have prepared remarks and they say that it would be difficult to vote for him isn’t it reasonable to assume they are ready to vote and that they are not open-minded? They certainly have placed partisan politics ahead of the good of the country.

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