Dingy Harry Reid And Corruption

Whenever a Republican politician is accused of wrong doing, Dingy Harry Reid and his fellow moonbats love to point it out. It does not matter if there has been any evidence or a conviction because to them the accusation is serious enough. When it is a Democrat does something that looks wrong we are supposed to ignore it because they tell us it is OK. When the Jack Abramoff stuff came to a head Reid and every other donk was out in front of the cameras telling us about the culture of corruption. When it was pointed out to Reid that he took Abramoff money (at a time that interestingly coincided with gaming deals Reid had influence in) he told us that he had no intention of returning any money (as many politicians were at the time) because he did nothing wrong. When a Republican says “I did nothing wrong” it falls on deaf ears but we are supposed to take Dingy Harry at his word.

It has since been learned that Reid took free tickets to three boxing matches and as chance would have it, the Nevada Athletic Commission is trying to influence him on federal regulation of boxing. It does not take a great imagination to see what would have come out of Reid’s mouth if it had been a Republican. This whole incident gives the appearance of influence peddling and the number of gifts received might just violate Senate ethics (an oxymoron) rules. But ole Harry dismisses it with a wave of his hand. He told us all he would never let it influence his position. So I guess it is safe to say that if Randy Cunningham had just told everyone that he would never let the money influence his work, all would have been OK.

Harry Reid is a piece of crap (and currently leading the JOTM vote). He is a crooked politician who wants everyone to believe that he needed to see how the legislation would influence the sport of boxing. He was a boxer, he should have an idea. In any event, he should have paid for his own tickets. Not Harry, because he does no wrong, just ask him.

The donks had a plan that involved running with the Republican culture of corruption mantra. The setbacks given by McKinney and Jefferson are just the outer layer of this story. When all is said and done there will be many fingers pointed and we will see lots of corruption from both sides of the aisle. Reid will eventually get caught up in it as well.

Source: Breitbart

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