Ding Dong the Dan is Dead, The Wicked…

Dan Rather

Those of you who were disgusted with Dan Rather and the whole forged memo fiasco were calling for the resignation of Dan almighty not long after his story was debunked by the blogosphere. We wanted him gone and gone now but the old cadger hung in there. Well, now our wish has come true. Dan Rather will step down as See BS news anchor in March of 2005.

I know there are a lot of us who would like to believe that Dapper Dan is leaving because of the bloggers and their tenacity in the memogate scandal. Truth is, Dan has been planning to leave for some time now. Rush reported earlier this year that there were rumblings that Rather would leave after the election and that pretty much mirrors what is coming out of See BS. Regardless of why he is leaving, the fact is he will be gone and we will no longer have to worry about his Fake but True motto.

The plan is that Dan will work full time for both “60 Minutes” shows as an investigative reporter. If that isn’t a kick in the pants. Dan Rather could not investigate enough to determine that some documents were fake. Documents that it took a bunch of “pajama wearing bloggers” about 30 seconds to figure out. So what will Dan investigate? Dan Rather could not find his butt if his hands were in his back pockets. I don’t think he could find the floor if he jumped out of bed and See BS wants him to be an investigative reporter. Maybe this is some retraining for him. Maybe they said “Dan, you screwed the pooch on the documents because you did not investigate. We are sending you to 60 Minutes for investigation retraining.”

My how the mighty have fallen. Planned or not it is finally great that this jackass is leaving. I guess they will replace him with another flaming liberal. First Cronkite the flaming liberal retired, then they put Dan the liberal butt kisser in, and now they will probably put another lib in there. They would probably ask Kerry but that would mean he would have to actually show up everyday in order to earn his salary.

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