Different Country, Differnt Leaders, Same Foolish Talk

Iran is engaging in dangerous talk. I am sure that many people remember a guy named Saddam Hussein and his threats about the “Mother of all Battles.” We are all aware of how he told us we would be crushed and the streets would be lined with our blood, blah, blah. Iran has much the same rhetoric coming from within its borders because it has refused to comply with requests that it not develop nuclear weapons.

Iran denies developing the weapons and says that its program is for nuclear energy. They have a wealth of oil and it is cheap for them. Nuclear energy is costly and dangerous when compared to the relative cost and safety of oil. Iran has conducted testing on detonations, it has developed or upgraded missiles to give longer range, and they have defied the agencies that oversee all of this. Now they are threatening to retaliate if these actions are brought before the UN Security Council. John Kerry and his ilk wanted us to use the UN before we went into Iraq. They wanted this despite the fact that Iraq had failed for 14 years to comply with UN resolution and despite the fact that Hussein was amassing WMD. We have since learned, as most rational people had assumed, that the WMD were shipped to Syria just prior to our invasion. This little tid bit did not make the major news networks, but it is out there.

Iran is dangerous and it definitely has chemical weapons. The country is ruled by mad men who believe that they are prophets of God who are out to destroy Israel and to convert the world to Islam. Their President is a man who likely held Americans hostage in the late 70s. They have mad no secret about their intentions and they are beginning to sound a lot like Hussein and Baghdad Bob did before we castrated them. Perhaps we need to be on high alert because when Iran is sent before the UN Security Council they will start acting aggressively.

I recommend we position warships near their country and train our guns on major cities. We should stay there and any act of hostility should meet a swift and decisive response. If they fire at us we neutralize them immediately. None of this Clintonesque discretionary bombing that ticks people off but full scale repeated salvos that wipes out anything that moves. We are the greatest and mightiest force in the world and it is time to stop letting these little third rate tyrants dictate to us.

If we try hard enough we can bomb them back to the stone age and then that little weasel President of theirs can crawl back under his rock and hide. Maybe he can call Hussein and ask how to dig a spider hole. Two things we need to tell the Democrats in all this. You wanted UN involvement and this is the route that is being taken. If it fails and we need to exercise might then either join us or shut up but don’t complain because we are doing it by your book. Secondly, no matter what happens idiots like those at Daily Kos will say we went in for oil so this time let’s just go in and take it. Most Americans won’t care because gas will be cheaper and the rest of the donks will be happy holding up their Bush bombed Iran for oil signs.

Source 1: Guardian
Source 2: CBS News

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