Didn’t the Liberals Say that Dissent is Good?

Has anyone noticed that people who do not believe in global warming, or at least that man is responsible for it, are called deniers? Those of us who refuse to be bullied by groups of people who have decided that the issue is settled and that everyone must believe it are looked down upon as selfish and arrogant. People like Sheryl Crow call us arrogant and claim that we drive around in war like machines (as opposed to her Air Force like jets) just because we refuse to buy into something that has yet to be proved. There are more scientists that disagree with the whole idea of global warming than espouse it but those professionals are dismissed as either wrong or being in the back pocket of big oil. One thing is abundantly clear and that is the global warming crowd refuses to allow anyone to have an opposing opinion. As soon as one is presented the person is dismissed as uneducated, uninformed and arrogant. Name calling is a great tool when one can not use logic to prove a point. Since global warming has not been proven the only thing the GW crowd can do is call names and attempt to shame and coerce people into believing.

I find it interesting that this crowd was the same one that told us having a differing opinion about the war war patriotic. Before I go on let me make my opinion on this clear. I believe that people are entitled to have a differing opinion and that a different point of view does not make one unpatriotic. It is healthy to have debate and I admire those who were against the war from the start and stuck to their guns. Not because I agree with them but because they had the courage of their convictions. People like Hillary Rodham took decisions based on the popular mood at the time.

Dissent is a good thing, we were told, when those who were not on board with the war on terror were called unpatriotic. People like Cindy Sheehan screeched about how it was patriotic to dissent and I could not agree more. What is unpatriotic is espousing defeat for your country and then assisting the enemy in that defeat. Like it or not, we are in the war and the only way out is to win. Interestingly, those who said Bush had no plan for after the hostilities have shown no plan for after their surrender. What will they do if our troops are forced to leave?

Back to the topic. How can people tell us that dissent is good and that they are just as patriotic and then say that we are arrogant if we do not agree with them on global warming? Are we not afforded the same right to dissent as they expected? Are we not allowed to question the legitimacy of claims that have no proof? Are we not allowed to form our own opinions? Are we not allowed to live our lives as we see fit without some global warming tree hugger forcing a compact fluorescent bulb on us?

The double standard rears its ugly head again. The do as I say, not as I do crowd expects to be able to disagree when they see fit but deny that right to those of us who refuse to march lock-step down the street singing Kumbaya while passing out the collection plate to buy carbon offsets.

Speaking of offsets, there is good news on that front. The folks over at RightPundits.com have come up with liberal offsets for folks who need to offset any liberal slip, any liberal tendency, or any un-conservative behavior. Enough of these might even help a liberal gain some sense and become a conservative. Head over there and get yours today.

I am a global warming denier. Dissent is healthy in a free society and I refuse to give up my right to believe as I wish. I also know that if we could get Gore and Crow to keep their mouths shut the world would be a better, cooler place.

Besides, I do my part by keeping my Jeep tuned up….

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One Response to “Didn’t the Liberals Say that Dissent is Good?”

  1. steve dennis says:

    Good post. I love how you show the double standard of the left. If you’re a Democrat dissent is good,but if you don’t agree with the liberals you are just not as smart as them. They know what is best for us.