Did Your Vote Get You What You Wanted?

I have not seen numbers showing voter turn-out so i am unaware if a number of Republicans stayed home rather than exercising their duties as Americans. I am also unaware if there are numbers to indicate how many might have voted for the opposition party in protest. I do know that there were some who fall into these categories. They decided to cast protest votes or protest by not voting because their Republicans representation did not get the things done that they wanted. The question is, how did voting in Democrats get them what they wanted?

Here are some of the ramifications of the Democratic win (in no particular order):

  • One more Supreme Court Justice will be replaced and it will not be a Conservative because the Senate is in Democratic hands
  • Taxes will increase and the economy will falter
  • The terrorists will hail this as a victory and expect their brothers in the Democratic Party to fulfil promises made to them
  • More than 11 million ILLEGALS will be given amnesty and will come out of their shadow societies
  • Millions more ILLEGALS will flood into this country and be granted amnesty
  • Troops will be pulled out of Iraq and terrorism against us will increase
  • Republicans will not run around claiming fraud, at least not on the scale Democrats do when they lose
  • Every vote will be considered to have counted because the Democrats won
  • Every Democrat will say that this is important because it ends single party rule
  • Democrats will run a candidate for President and ask you to keep them in the majority because one party rule when they are in charge is good

Some of these are observations about behavior such as claims that will be made or how people will act. These are political motivations because all politicians lie or change positions in order to win. However, there are some troubling items. The most immediately pressing is the immigration issue. Bush is soft on immigration and will sign about anything the Democrats send to him. You can expect to see a huge influx of ILLEGALS because they know that they will get amnesty. We will be flooded with more ILLEGALS and to add insult to injury there will be no enforcement of our Southern border. That wall will never get started and there will be no funding for it. Mexico will be happy once again because their amigo George Bush has the right mix to allow them to come here ILLEGALLY and get rewarded for it.

Either these folks will take more jobs away or they will drive labor costs up because as legals they can demand more in wages. When this happens people will complain that they can not get a job, blah, blah. Combine this with the increase in taxes and there will be a lot of unhappy people. Here is some advice; when someone complains about these items ask them if they voted and if so, for whom? If they did not vote or voted Democrat Tazer them. Do not accept their whining or crying and just Tazer them. They deserve it because they would not listen or they were too stupid to figure it out. In any case they deserve to be Tazered and more than once.

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