Did We Violate Their Civil Rights?

There has been a big uproar over the perfectly legal electronic surveillance. There is this assumption that the government is listening to people talk about cake recipes when in fact they are listening to people talk to a party outside the US and, oh by the way, one of them is suspected of terrorist ties. Past Presidents have used surveillance without wire taps and now the same Senators who demanded that John Roberts and Sam Alito apply past precedent to abortion rulings are ignoring past precedent by Presidents from their party.

We have news today that several men were arrested because they plotted to go fight US soldiers in Iraq (they would lose) and one of them made threats to harm President Bush. We found all this out because we had a guy who, working with the FBI, infiltrated their group. So instead of electronic surveillance, we used human surveillance. The question is, did we violate their civil rights?

We also have to wonder if these folks communicated with suspected terrorists and we caught them on the electronic surveillance and then we sent in a spy. Now that we caught them maybe people will stop all the crying and realize that it is much better to be proactive than reactive.

BTW, they are US citizens and that means they can be tried for treason. The UN can watch this one from the sidelines.

Source: WTOL-TV

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