Did the Gore Name Save the Kid from Jail?

Rush Limbaugh became addicted to prescription pain killers and ran into trouble with the law. He went into treatment and was off the air for a little more than a month. When he came back he had to fight for a very long time against the judicial system that kept digging and digging. No one in the system told him that since he completed treatment that they would drop the charges.

Al Gore’s kid, Al III, was arrested for driving 100 mph and the police found marijuana and a bunch of different prescription drugs for which he had no prescription. He pleaded guilty today and if he completes his treatment they will stay the conviction and it could be dropped in 2009.

If there is anyone out there who thinks that this is normal treatment for a person with this kind of arrest and the fact of who his daddy is had nothing to do with it, I have some carbon offsets to sell you. Young Gore was driving very fast and was in possession of illegal drugs. I have been to court on a number of occasions and I have seen people who have been in similar situations (though I admit none were ever driving that fast) and I have not seen this kind of sentence. I have seen probation before judgment but it involved a hell of a lot more than getting treatment.

I hope this kid get the treatment he needs and straightens his life out (though I can understand his desire to be on drugs considering his dad) but I am not fooled into believing that this sentence is related to his connections and nothing more.

Anyone want to bet the Bush Girls would not get off with the same treatment for an identical crime?

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7 Responses to “Did the Gore Name Save the Kid from Jail?”

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  2. GMFrank says:

    We live in a society where the aristocacy “Celeb’s and Politicains” are able to live above the Law. They may do or anything that they wish, and Unfortunatly, we encourage this type of behavior. We vote them into Office, we watch their movies, go to their sports events and buy the products that they promote. Conservatives need get their heads out of the sand and say ENOUGH! We need to Vote Ted Kennedy, and Nancy Pelosie out of office. We need to boycott George Clooney and Alec Baldwin films. Until that happans it’s only going to get worst.


  3. Ray says:

    That’s it I am posting it under corruption.

  4. Ray says:

    Hey Big Dog are you ready for the Bio Age?

    The nation’s first genetically altered household pet is a zebra fish that glows fluorescent.

    Hey, maybe we can take a gene from a lion and one from a bull and inserted into a dog and make a better fighting dog! What do you think? Vick ?

    Or how about taking a gene from a jellyfish that naturally produced a green fluorescent protein and insert it into a parakeet, flurescent parakeets, kids would love that!

  5. ray says:

    sorry for going off topic, couldn’t help it!

  6. Big Dog says:

    It is OK!

    We already crossed a jellyfish with a jackass and produced Democrats. Spineless asses.