Did Obama October Surprise Backfire?

There is an interesting post up at The Tavern Keepers with an alternate hypothesis about the Benghazi attacks that left four Americans, including our Ambassador, dead. The blog states upfront that its post is only a hypothesis based on known facts. I think that they might be on to something. In fact, I think they might be right.

The hypothesis goes something like this. Obama wanted an October surprise in order to guarantee his reelection (or at least greatly increase his chances). Ambassador Stevens was sent to Benghazi on 9/11 to broker an arms deal and while he was there the people Obama has gotten into bed with were supposed to abduct him and hold him hostage. Obama would broker a deal getting him and his small contingent home safely and would be a hero easily sliding into a second term. There is even supposition that release of the Blind Sheik would be part of the deal.

This explains why Obama denied increased security and why the requests of fighters on the ground to intervene were ignored. Those fighters ignored their orders and fought for seven hours while the Pentagon refused to send help. Leon Panetta said there was not enough intelligence to act on (a lie) and that he did not want to put our troops in harm’s way. I hate to break it to him but that is their job description.

This would also explain why the Pentagon did not send that help (rather than Panetta’s lame excuses) and would explain why Obama went to bed rather than save these people. He thought they would be captured and he would get a ransom call in the morning.

The problem is a few armed former Seals took it upon themselves to intervene and try to save Americans who were in trouble. The terrorists who were supposed to capture Stevens (and maybe the others) did not expect to meet resistance because they knew there would be no added security. When they did meet resistance and started dying they lit the place on fire. Since Stevens was in a secure room with no windows he suffered smoke inhalation and later died (not before he was sodomized by the terrorists).

This all blew up in Obama’s face and since that night he and his regime have been involved in one of the biggest cover ups in our history.

This is all speculation on the part of those at Tavern Keepers but I am claiming that it is true.

It is up to the Obama regime to prove that it is not true. After all, that is the standard Harry Reid used when he claimed Mitt Romney paid no taxes. He made the claim based on an anonymous source and said it was up to Romney to prove it was not true.

So, a source has claimed Obama set this up and it went awry. Now it is up to Obama to prove it is not true.

All they have to do is release everything that is associated with that night. Videos, secret emails and other communications and any other item associated with the event.

It is time for Mr. Transparency to actually be transparent and he needs to do it now. If he manages to get reelected and this all comes out after the election the American public and the Republican Congress will push for criminal prosecution of everyone involved (though that will probably happen in any event).

Man up Obama and come clean with us.

Cave canem!
Never surrender, never submit.
Big Dog


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2 Responses to “Did Obama October Surprise Backfire?”

  1. pa says:

    I would not be surprised to learn that the whole episode was part of a nefarious plan to enhance Obama’s re-election prospects. I would be even less surprised to learn that (1) he could not alter a plan gone awry to turn it to his advantage (where’s that much-vaunted flexibility now, huh?), and (2) doing the honorable thing never once occurred to this most dishonorable creature.
    Ironically, an order to rescue our people would have made Obama a hero in the eyes of the American people.

  2. Blake says:

    Even if this was not ttrue (and it seems to mesh with known facts), Obammy should have been a real American (more proof that he is NOT?) and sent help. What a neutered pooch-